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Welcome!  If you've click through to this page, it must mean you're at least slightly curious about My Father's World Kindergarten.  
If you're looking to learn a little more about MFW K or to be the 'fly on the wall' in our homeschool room, please keep reading.  We promise not to SWAT can just be a curious fly taking a little peek into our homeschool day! *Ü*

My Father's World Kindergarten is my very favorite program for a 5 year old!  We've perused, and even reviewed, quite a few K4 and kindergarten programs, and MFW K is hands-down my favorite for this age!
That doesn't mean it's the perfect program for every family, but it is definitely perfect for us!  

I've taken pictures & written about our experiences to have a digital scrapbook of our year, but I have also blogged our journey because it was so helpful to me to read about other families and their adventures with MFW K.  We hope this will help you as you research your options or work your way through this wonderful program!

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I'd love to hear from you!
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Below are the unit-by-unit links if you're looking for ideas on a particular theme.
We started our second trip through MFW K in September 2014,
so be on the lookout for new links as we complete each unit with our second child!

Creation, part 1 (2012)  Creation Unit (2014)
Creation, part 2
Creation, part 3 
Sun (2012) Sun (2014)
Moon (2012) Moon (2014)
Leaf (2012) Leaf (2014)
Apple (2012) Apple (2014)
Nest (2012) Nest (2014)
nest craft/snack (peanut free)
Dinosaur Field Trip
Butterfly Update

(I have to sheepishly confess that we rushed through the last 2 units.  We read a lot of books, and we did the worksheets.  We didn't really do much as far as hands-on, as it was summertime and we were just anxious to go play outside!  Hence, no posts on Quail and Yellow units.  Sorry!)


Nystral Djo said...

Too bad I didn't find this blog sooner - we are on lesson 20 of MFW K and just ordered MFW 1. My daughter was not a fan of the MFW K reading, so we are doing "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" each day, instead of those pages in MFW K. Now, she gets to pick which lesson she wants to do next, since nothing else ever changes or progresses week to week. Last week we did butterflies, this week it's jewels. We are also doing a week on coins at the same time, since they just started. (I've gathered lots of fun coin printables.) Can't wait to look around your site!

Anonymous said...

What is MFW K?? How do I find out more about it?
Lizzie Ater

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi Lizzie,
MFW K is short for My Father's World Kindergarten. My Father's World is a Christian homeschool curriculum publisher with a very hands-on, simple approach to learning. It's very gentle in comparison to what you would find in an average American kindergarten classroom.

We are choosing to use it for my son, who isn't quite ready for the intensity of a typical kindergarten program, yet he's beyond most of the preschool programs we considered.

Here's a link:

I hope that helps - glad to answer any more questions if needed :)


Holly said...

Hi, I really like your blog. I've commented a few times and enjoy reading about how you plan your day and do homeschool. I embarked on a homeschool preschool journey this year and love it (although challenging with a 20 month old too) :) and I was wondering- your son is not yet 5 years old but you are doing a K program with him? Did you just feel like he was ready? Also, I hear so many good things about both MFW and Sonlight... how in the world do you decide which is best for you? I have no idea how I will pick a K program next year, I like them all :) Are there any major differences you can point out? Thanks! I plan to get both your Christmas printables this weekend! :)

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi Holly,
My reply got SO long that I had to send it as an e-mail. I happened to have your e-mail address in my sent items folder from a few weeks back! :)


Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

For anyone else who might happen upon Holly's comment & wonder, here's a snippet of my long reply:

I think using this with a 4 year old will totally depend on the child's interest and ability level. Alex (4 yrs, 8 months when we started MFW K) is the type of kid who just soaks up knowledge; he's more serious/studious.

By 4.5 yrs old, Alex had mastered everything in our preschool packs, he had a STRONG desire to learn how to read, and I was running out of ideas for what I could create to do with him during our school time.

I started researching our options. I think I have probably at least taken a quick glance at the website of every Christian preschool/kindergarten curriculum
available! ;)

Going into this, I knew we would use MFW K as a K4 and I would simply adjust anything that didn't work well for him. I also knew that it was likely he wouldn't be ready for MFW 1st when we completed MFW K. I think anyone desiring to use MFW K with a 4 year old has to be prepared for that possibility.

As far as deciding on MFW K, I loved the hands-on, activity oriented, literature-rich approach. I also liked the price tag.

I don't know much about Sonlight, other that that it's VERY literature-rich. I have heard that it is not nearly as hands-on, and I know that it is quite a bit more expensive than MFW K. Sonlight is a much-loved program, and it's a perfect fit for some families. It just didn't appeal to me.

Pray, seek out local homeschoolers to see if you can take a peek at their curriculum, or check out a homeschool convention next spring. You'll find the right fit for your family in time! :)

Kelley Watson said...

I know this may be too late but i was SOLD on Sonlight.... until i found MFW! What I loved about Sonlight is that it used LIVE books and it made learning look fun and not quite as stressful as trying to get your kids to do nothing but workbooks. My son would not do well with nothing but workbooks. I went to a HS convention a few weeks ago to check out the Sonlight materials in person and stumbled upon My Fathers World. I had prayed that the Lord would open my mind and heart if Sonlight wasnt for us. When I looked at the MFW material, I realized it was the best for us. It is literature rich with live books like Sonlight, but it has some worksheets and some hands on as well. I thought this was absolutely wonderful seeing that I really am not sure what method my son would learn best at and perfect if you are HS multiple kids because that way no matter if one learns with worksheets and the other is hands on, you dont have to purchase 2 different curricula.

Marburger Rookery said...

Thanks Dawn for your in-depth posts and wonderful ideas, we are starting MFW tomorrow and are very excited about it!!! Hopefully my sons will be as well... I was just about to print-off a few things and wondered if you had an update to 'My name through the year?' Thank you again. Will be checking back regularly! : - ) Best, Jules

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi Jules, I have mo way to.reply comment here. Yes, there is a 2013-2014 Name file
Here's the link:

I hope that helps! :)

April said...

This is awesome, thank you! I don't suppose you're doing this with MFW 1st too?

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi April,
Thank you :) We've chosen to try another curriculum this year, though MFW 1st is very appealing to me! I just didn't think my son was ready for the amount of writing in MFW 1st, so unfortunately, I don't have any extras to go along with MFW 1st :)

If you're interested in Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts For His Glory -or- Little Hands To Heaven program, I have some printables to go along with those two programs :)

Marburger Rookery said...

Thanks Dawn for the link to the 'Names through the Year File'!

I see you are using Heart of D this year for your little ones, hopefully I will remember to check back at the end of the year to see if you will decide to use Heart or MFW for 1st grade.

I was hoping to use the FB MFW-K, as another resource, that you mentioned, but can't seem to be accepted, do you know how I could become a member of the group? My husband and I use a combo of our names for safety...

I'd appreciate your help once again. Thanks, Jules

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi Jules,

Hi Jules,
There are two different MFW K Facebook groups. I am one of 4 moderators in the group linked above. If you let me know your Facebook name, I'll be sure to watch for that name and admit you to the group right away. (email me if you'd rather not share your FB name in the comments: monkeymamaof3 @ gmail. com - just remove the spaces)

There have been a LOT of spammers trying to join Facebook homeschool groups lately and posting strange or inappropriate things, so we are only accepting profiles from people who are very obviously homeschool/family oriented on their profiles.

As for next year, I think I'm leaning towards HOD. I'm afraid MFW 1st would be too simple after completing Little Hearts. We may use MFW 1st for my second son before doing Little Hearts, though..but that's a few years away, so who knows what we'll decide by then? :)

Jessica said...

Hi there, I saw your post on the MFW K Facebook post. Just following all the wonderful families. I always love reading and sharing stories, especially with other HS families! Hope you can follow me back =)