Friday, September 28, 2012

MFW K – Unit 2 (Moon)

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Alex is 4 years, 8 months/Max is 36 months

We learned that “I am the light of the world.”
Our letter is Mm (Moon)

On The Moon is a FAVORITE of my boys!  Homeschool Creations has a printable unit based on this book that we’ve used with the boys in the past.  This unit contains the cutest little song that my boys just love! The Moon Seems To Change does a nice job of showing the moon phases.
The Moon Might Be Milk has a recipe for sugar cookies that makes for a great activity!

VIDEO We read this book EVERY DAY for a week…and then I thought to look for a video on YouTube.  Alex & I were able to watch this movie on my Kindle while snuggling together in his hospital bed last week.
September2012 123 September2012 124 September2012 125
We talked about ways that little children can let the love of Jesus shine.
We read how one little boy shared his 5 loaves and 2 fish…and Jesus used that little offering to make a BIG difference!

Singing “This Little Light of Mine”
September2012 110
TACTILE LETTER PRACTICE He’s using a popsicle stick to draw the letter S in his salt box. 
Alex LOVES this activity right now, and he begged to do it every time we did school.
  September2012 116September2012 117
Wikki Stix (printable alphabet pages found on my MFW K tab)
September2012 204
Phonics/Tactile?  Alex drew lowercase letter cards from a stack, and then he had to “fish” for the uppercase letter match with our magnetic fishing pole.
September2012 205
PHONICS & HANDWRITING We’ve made our own larger handwriting pages for now because
Alex just isn’t ready for the smaller size of the MFW sheets.

M is hard for Alex to make independently.  He can trace it just fine, but he is not
ready for independent writing yet…which is okay by me.  He’s young!
September2012 130September2012 133
Singing the A-A-Apple Song
September2012 126
Sorting his picture cards into S words and M words.
Alex was very quick to do this, and he got every word correct.
September2012 136
Stamping every picture that starts with M
& crossing out those that start with other letters
Alex did this INDEPENDENTLY!
 September2012 137 
Today, our cut & paste page contained words that started with either s or m.
Alex had to glue the correct letter under each word.
He did this page independently, as well!  Go Alex!
    September2012 180  September2012 183  September2012 185 
He also cut/sorted/pasted lowercase and uppercase letter M/m.
(my own design, available under my MFW K tab)
September2012 187
circling the beginning letter of each word
(another of my designs, in the solar system prek pack)
September2012 203
Alex’s letter M drawings & words.  He really struggled with the drawing part…he did an EXCELLENT job tracing the letters!  Thanks to Leslie on the Facebook MFW K group for suggesting that we can write the words in yellow for a child to trace with a darker color.
September2012 216
learning about pairs, writing the number 2
(Yes, we are DEFINITELY using this as K4…writing numbers is still challenging for him!)
September2012 178September2012 186
cuisenaire blocks – he’s starting to think about size, recognize where certain colors will fit, and put some logic into this.  It was fun watching him!
September2012 207 September2012 208

We’ve been reading books about the moon phases and watching the sky each night to see what phase the moon is in.  I used white crayon on black post-it notes to make the moon phases.  Alex was to point to each phase as I named it.  He chose to use his feet as pointers ;)
 September2012 188
After that, I scrambled the phases and asked him to “make the moon grow”.  He did a very good job getting them back in order quickly!
 September2012 189 September2012 190
We also used black construction paper and white crayon to make a little flap book of the moon phases.  This way, Alex can look back at it later & quickly review what he’s learned.
September2012 217 September2012 219
Just cut each page slightly longer than the previous page & be sure to leave a space for staples at the top of each page.
September2012 218 
ART Both boys LOVED this easy rocket to the moon craft.  It’s a quick printable rocket to cut out & color, then you glue the “wings” down so the rest of the rocket looks 3D.  Add a white crayon moon & some star stickers.  Finish off with curling ribbon as “flames”.  Easy-peasy!
September2012 113September2012 115
Would you call this art/creative play?  I don’t know!  We made very simple space helmets.  Alex refused to put any imagination into this, though :(
It’s just 9x12 white paper with the corners rounded and a mid-section cut out.
The straps are stapled to the sides and come together in the back.
September2012 206 September2012 191
We read the book “The Moon Might Be Milk”, and then we made the sugar cookie recipe in the back of the book.  When we finished, Alex & I cut the cookies into the moon phases.  Alex told Daddy the names of each phase.
September2012 221 September2012 225 September2012 226 September2012 227

We made “moon sand”.   I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing this outside AND on the GRASS!  I didn’t want the mess in my kitchen, so we did it on the patio.  We now have vegetable oil stains on our patio…Dawn dishsoap didn’t do a thing to clean it.  Any suggestions?  :(
I just realized Alex didn’t make it in the pictures…but he was there! ;)
We used 8 cups of white flour and 1 cup of cooking oil.
It is whiter if you use baby oil, but I was afraid Jensyn would eat it…and she did!
September2012 209 September2012 211 

(Max is 36 months)
I love watching Max catch on to new things.  Here, he’s using our Beginner Pattern Blocks to make a 7.  Totally self motivated – he just grabbed the blocks and did it.  He was so proud of himself!
September2012 108
Max learned the moon phases, too!
It is amazing what a 3 year old can pick up when tagging along with big brother :)
September2012 198
Max’s rocket to the moon craft.  This craft was so easy and so fun for the boys.  We hung them in the kitchen, and Max tells us every day, “That’s my wocket ship.  I made that!”  September2012 111
September2012 122
These pages are from my Solar System preschool pack.   I’ve made Max his own preschool “notebook”.  It’s a binder, just like his big brother’s binder.  I slide the pages for the week into page protectors in the binder, and he can do them with dry erase crayon.

Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him.
Circling the biggest, crossing out the smallest
  September2012 114    September2012 118
Max counts (he LOVES to count) and Mommy writes the answer.
September2012 119
Circling What’s Different – this one takes concentration on his part
September2012 120
Holy cow – I was AMAZED at how well he stayed on the tracing lines!
September2012 121
Shadow Matching & Size Sequencing – completely without help!  
I expected the size sequencing would take him a while,
but he had it done in about 30 seconds.
September2012 127 September2012 128
4 part puzzles – again, he did these in no time at all!
September2012 129  September2012 131
Count & Match cards – not cut apart
Max counts & tells me how many.
September2012 132 
Shape Match – Mommy cuts out the shapes.
Max names the shape & glues it in the correct spot.
September2012 134
Color Sorting with foam blocks
September2012 176
magnet page of the moon
September2012 179 
…and a little playtime…because it’s EASY for big brother to concentrate on school when little brother is hanging upside-down from the trampoline handle ;)
September2012 184September2012 182

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Lovingmama said...

Love the rocket craft and moon cookies. My tot is in love with the moon - maybe we will make moon phases with biscuits this week!

Anonymous said...

I love all your creative moon ideas. I especially like the rocket and cookies! Looks like a fun week.

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Ooh - with biscuits...I like that! My 3 year old was biting cucumber slices into moon phases tonight as we ate dinner :)

Mommy Sarah said...

Looks like fun! We have made the moon sand recipe before, you are right, it is very messy! We made it for a mermaid party, so I used different colored sidewalk chalk and grated it over the moon sand and mixed it in. We added glitter too. It was a big hit!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you guys had a lot of fun! You are doing such an amazing job!!