Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MFW K Unit 7, Uu Us

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Alex is 4 years, 10 months
Max is 38 months
We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.

This week, we are learning the letter Uu for Us.
Our Bible words are: God made us WONDERFUL!
Look At Your Eyes was Alex’s favorite book of the week.  I read it to him on Monday, and all throughout the week, he came to me with this book.  We probably read it 15 times in 5 days!  (Don’t pay $30!  Please check the library,, or another online used seller!)
We also loved You Can’t Taste A Pickle With Your Ear.  We read one segment of the book each day, to correspond with the sense we were learning on that day.  This must be the week of overpriced books, as this one costs WAY too much on Amazon, too! :/
We read others, but these are the three books that stood out for us:

singing “Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes What You See” November2012 024
We also read Psalm 139, focusing on how God created us WONDERFULLY!

Again, there are other Bible verses/applications, but I feel that since this is the heart of MFW K’s program, I shouldn’t share everything because it might keep someone from buying the manual and investing in such a great company!
coloring & cutting U picture cards
 November2012 013 November2012 015
finding U and u stickers to decorate the picture card envelope
We do this to aid with recognizing different fonts/styles of writing each letter.
November2012 016
So…the top two words are backwards, but that is MY fault.
Alex didn’t glue them very well, and I quickly popped them back on.
Maybe *I* should practice my phonics skills, lol!

For the record, ALEX had it right…I messed up ;)
November2012 032November2012 035 
Alex read aloud all four words below, and then I gave him instructions like
“Circle the word sun” or “draw a line under the word Sam”.
November2012 038November2012 041
stamping the words that begin with U,
crossing out the words that begin with other letters
November2012 027
Alex had to think about, draw, and write words that begin with U.
November2012 113 November2012 114 
November2012 025
This is the first time that Alex has been willing to try the MFW handwriting worksheet.
He’s got a long ways to go, but again I say…he’s young! :)
November2012 045November2012 046
My sister Deb found these mini white boards & markers on clearance.
Alex REALLY got excited about these,
and he made LOTS and LOTS of letters this week!
(Thanks, Aunt Deb!)
November2012 014 November2012 018
Alex had to find 4 different ways to color the shirt/pants
of a little boy using only two colors.
November2012 036
November2012 026
This week we explored the Five Senses.
We read LOTS and LOTS of books,
and we did many fun hands-on activities.
SENSE OF TOUCH Reaching in a bag, eyes closed, to FEEL what was inside.
Alex giggled a lot as he tried to guess the objects.
 November2012 008 November2012 009 November2012 010   November2012 012
(different day, same shirt – it’s his favorite shirt!)
I filled plastic eggs (with holes in each end) with different spices/items on a cotton ball.
I placed the 5 spices on the kitchen table.
Alex had to smell each egg & guess which spice was inside.
November2012 042 November2012 043  
Egg Match Game – I collected doubles of five different objects, filling ten plastic eggs. 
Alex had to shake the eggs and try to find the matching eggs.
November2012 028 November2012 029 November2012 030

I placed objects on a tray, and Alex named them all. 
Then he would close his eyes while I removed one object,
and he’d try to guess what was missing.
November2012 019 November2012 020 
This was, BY FAR, the funniest day of activities!  While Alex was out of the room, I filled small bowls with:
lemon juice & orange juice
sugar & salt
baking cocoa & Nestle Quik
November2012 106
He had to determine which ones were sweet, salty, bitter, or sour.
November2012 108
Oh, what fun it was to watch Alex’s reaction to trying each item. 
November2012 107  November2012 109 November2012 110 November2012 111
At the end, Alex sorted the ones he liked and the ones he didn’t like.  Of course, he preferred the orange juice, sugar, and Nestle Quik! ;)
November2012 112
I wouldn’t really call this art, but I don’t have anything else for this category.
Alex drew a self-portrait with his eyes open.
Then we blindfolded him, and he tried to draw the same picture.
Oh, how we LAUGHED at the results! :)
November2012 021 November2012 022    
(Sorry for the shadows –
the lighting in our homeschool corner is NOT good for pictures!)
popping popcorn & using his five senses to describe the experience  - we popped the popcorn, but it turned into a movie night instead of a learning experience.  Oops! ;)
tot school 
(Max is 38 months)
Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him.
Max worked on a hodge-podge of items:
leftover bird maze and prewriting page
dot marker U page
wikki stix U page
Alex’s alphabet puzzle
November2012 031  November2012 033 November2012 034   November2012 037  
Alex tried out our taste test on Max after dinner.
It was pretty hysterical watching Max’s reaction to bitter cocoa!
November2012 119

I have no pictures, but he also had a lot of fun tracing the lines
on the new mini marker boards from Aunt Deb.

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Anonymous said...

You had a lot of great activities this week. Great choices for the tasting experiment and I also think using the eggs for hearing is a super idea.

Lorraine said...

I never have tried the tasting activities, they looked fun. ;)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome week! The taste test was all sorts of awesome! I am not sure Sammy would be fair game for that kind of taste test.. even if I subbed out the chocolate!