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MFW K Unit 5–Nest (Max)

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Be sure to read the math section for a fun little giggle!

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In this unit, we learned the letter Nn for nest.
Our Bible words were: God takes good care of me!


These are the books we enjoyed throughout the week – click on any book image below to read the book description on Amazon.  (We love to buy used copies; they’re usually in good shape, and the price is right!)

Max’s favorite was The Perfect Nest.  It’s a cute and funny story, though not very believable!  I always enjoy The Best Nest – we own this book and read it often in our home, even when we’re not on a bird unit.  A Nest Full of Eggs is a very good informational book.

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Once or twice a week, we start our school day with a YouTube playlist of 4-6 songs/videos that go along with our current school lessons. 


I didn’t get any pictures of calendar time this week!


God takes good care of me!

We read about Elijah and the ravens.  God can even use BIRDS to care for his people!


Learning about S and it’s /s/ sound.

Max LOVES to sort out his picture cards from each unit.  At some point, we’re going to either take over the entire kitchen table or force him to choose just a few envelopes rather than ALL the picture cards.  I can’t fathom doing all 26 envelopes at the end of the year!

circling the pictures that begin with /n/


Max is just LOVING the worksheets in MFW K!  I honestly thought he might struggle with these, but I underestimated my boy.  He’s breezing right through and ALWAYS excited!


(my own page…available HERE for MFW K users only)

I asked Max to circle his favorites, so he circles the ones he TRACED rather than the ones he wrote on his own.  (Stinker, ha ha!) I circled my favorites that Max wrote on his own.
working on his picture page & writing N and n


writing 5s – short neck, belly fat, Mr. 5 wears a hat!

cuisenaire rods N page
(Alex didn’t really care about these, but Max LOVES them!)

weekly MFW K math page

Max wanted to start with number 1, even though it was in the middle of the page. 
I told him to draw 1 egg in the nest. 
He did.  1 *fried* egg.  Ha ha!  I laughed SO HARD!


The nest unit is about more than just birds – it’s about animal homes.  Besides reading about animal homes, Max also did this cut & paste page to match animals and their homes.



We made birds nests from brown cardstock, paper scraps, and plastic Easter eggs.
For instructions, CLICK HERE.



Uh, do you remember what I said with the last unit?  That something’s gotta give?  For the apple unit, we skipped cute crafts.  For the nest unit, we skipped snacks.  What’s sad is that I even BOUGHT the chow mein noodles and jelly beans to do this snack.  We just didn’t have time to squeeze it in.  Maybe if we’re bored some random, snowy day in January, we make birds nest snacks for no reason Winking smile


Technically, I suppose this picture should go under phonics or handwriting.  But I really wanted to highlight how different it is going through MFW K with a second child.  Each child has their own interests, strengths, and weaknesses – making it a totally different experience for me as a mama!

I love how excited Max is about drawing pictures of words beginning with N.  His drawings make me smile.  I wish you could hear how he’s describing the pictures as he draws – it’s so sweet!

This letter find is from my free Baby Birds preschool pack
Max loves to hunt for the letters!

(Jensyn is 3.5 years old.)

I didn’t do so well with getting pictures of this little munchkin doing her MFW K pages this week.  She did her typical pages, but she also BEGGED for more.  I planned to wait until she turned 4 to pull out the Rod & Staff preschool workbooks, but she needed something and I was desperate…so she’s doing the “About Three” workbook and loving it!  The hard part is getting her to slow down and wait for me to read the instructions – she just wants to start circling and X-ing and tracing!

DSCN3265 DSCN3226

Our table full of learning (on a rather organized day…when the table doesn’t look like it exploded!)

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