Monday, February 4, 2013

MFW K – Gg Goat

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Alex is 5 years, 1 month
Max is 3 years, 5 months
We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.


This week, we are learning the letter Gg for Goat. 
Our Bible words are: Jesus died for my sins!

We did school downstairs after Christmas, as a GIGANTIC cardboard train was taking up our school space.  Now that the train is gone, Alex still wants to do school at the kitchen table.  That’s fine by me, so that’s where school has been happening.

Alex ADORED Gregory The Terrible Eater.  I don’t think I can even count the number of times we read the book throughout the week.  I have a feeling we’ll be checking it out from the library again.  (Max liked it, too!)
We read other farm related books, as well, but our library really didn’t have much that is specific to goats.  They had nothing else from the recommended book list Sad smile
We watched an “On The Farm” video that I borrowed from our church.
It doesn’t correlate directly with the goat unit,
but it has a good message & my boys enjoyed it.

We started our new February calendar.
We learned about the way that a goats’ blood was a sacrifice in the Old Testament.
Now Jesus’ blood is the ultimate sacrifice.
We learned John 3:16, though Alex does not have it perfectly memorized.
coloring his picture word cards
(I thought it was cute – I recently got new brown glasses,
and Alex insisted on coloring the g-g-glasses brown just like Mama’s)
He loves cut and paste pagesSmile
Alex was SO PROUD to read sentences!
Somebody was VERY proud to do his first lesson in All About Reading.
Give me a week, and I’ll share more details about this in a separate post.
It took him about 20 seconds to do the page below, which is from a farm pack that I am in the process of pulling together.  (I just finished enough pages to get what I wanted for my boys…I’ll make the whole pack available this summer.)  I give him these pages because, even though they are too easy, he LOVES them!
Again, I say that THIS is one major reason we wouldn’t even consider moving on to
MFW 1st grade, which is to be expected since we started MFW K before age 5.
Oh, the agony! Alex does NOT like making G or g…
…or 12.  He will NOT listen to instruction when it comes to making 2s,
so his 12s are very awkwardly written.
clocks – Alex liked this!
We also did pages 1 & 2 (front and back) from Singapore Essentials Kindergarten A.
This is NOT part of MFW K, but I have my reasons Open-mouthed smile
The first few units in this book are WAY to easy for him, but they are pages that he enjoys.
I’ve decided to let him do a few of these pages each week because he really likes to do these, and we might as well use up the pages that would otherwise be left undone.

This lesson was about finding things that are the same.
We learned the names of the baby farm animals by playing a farm animal memory game.
Uh, does a ‘color by number’ page count as art?
That’s a close as we came.
It’s hard to find good GOAT art! Winking smile
We were supposed to have goat milk.
I didn’t find it at our local store, though I must admit that I didn’t look too hard.
I was kind of grossed out by the thought, but that means we missed out on a good opportunity to try something new.
alphabet maze
singing Old MacDonald Had A Farm
holding up the animal for each verse
finding the animal the rhymes with the word Mama called out
tot school 
(Max is 37 months)
Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him.
Max & I worked on the puzzle cards together.  This week, I gave him a sheet of construction paper and a glue stick.  He thought that was pretty special.  He was sitting on my lap, so it was hard to get any good pictures.
The boy can count, and he can now recognize most of his numbers!
color by number – he is actually really good at staying in the lines
Max found it quite easy to circle the biggest and cross out the smallest.
He was holding the crayon very awkwardly, though!
That’s not something I freak out about – we’ll work on correct grip when he’s a little older.
circling what’s different
learning our Bible theme and tracing a giant G
while big brother ‘oversees’.

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Kacie said...

Looks like a fun week! I'm new to your blog so you may have already mentioned this -- but have you tried alternate tactile handwriting activities such as writing letters in salt, forming with dough, writing in shaving cream, etc?

I have some Handwriting Without Tears materials (haven't used them yet except for one time when we played with the extra 'toys') but maybe he'd like some of those things?

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Hi Kacie :)

He does like the salt box and the gel bag (colored hair gel in a ziplock bag). He won't do the dough thing - he'd rather just play with the playdough! I wonder what he'd do with the shaving cream? Hmmm...

I'm a weird one, and I don't like the way some letters are formed in Handwriting Without Tears. I would like most of their methods, I'm sure, but I am resisting because of the silly way they form some of the letters. (I should probably just get over it, right?!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had another great week! I love that picture of Max after he glued the puzzle to the construction paper!