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MFW K–Zz Zebra

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Alex is 5 years, 2 months
Max is 3 years, 6 months

We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.

This week, we are learning the letter Zz for zebra.
Our Bible words are: I can’t hide anything from God!





Here’s a quick video of Alex reading this week’s short story.  Other than changing up the last sentence just because he could, I thought he did a great job!


Alex has been excitedly counting down until “Leprechaun Day”.  I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to him, as we don’t do anything very exciting.  They get some chocolate gold coins and some rainbow colored Skittles, but for some reason it’s VERY exciting to think that the leprechauns left it while you were sleeping! Smile



We played hide and seek.  The kids played “Walkie Talkie Hide and Seek” with Daddy.  We read Bible verses and talked about how we can’t hide from God.  Camouflage may hide an animal or person.  You might be able to play hide and seek, and someone may have trouble finding you.  You might be sneaky and hide something naughty that you did.  No matter what, though, you CAN’T hide from GOD!! 

Alex was really fascinated by the thought that God is everywhere.  He sees everything.  He knows everything.  He even knows what we will say and do before we do it.  That has really stuck in his head, and he keeps bringing up that topic.

Today, he asked us if Heaven moves all around in the sky so that God can see all over the place in order to watch what everyone is doing.   If not, he asked, then does God have a LOT of eyes? Smile

We no longer cut out the picture cards and put them in an envelope.  There was just not any value in this for us anymore, so we just look at the page and name the Z words.


We still do the circle/cross out page (not pictured) and the cut and paste page (shown below.)  Most other MFW phonics have gone by the wayside now, being replaced with All About Reading.   It’s just too redundant to do both.  AGAIN, I want to say that MFW Phonics are GREAT!  We are reviewing All About Reading, though, and I couldn’t see doing both without it becoming overwhelming.


This is a “fluency page” used for reading practice. 
Alex thought it was fun to read his brother’s name on this page!


He was also very excited to read words with “qu”!


He read another new story this week, and he barely hesitate while reading the words.
He’s still reluctant to read for more than a short time, but even he recognizes his progress!




Alex can make nice Zs if there are no lines to follow.  He struggles to make his Zs carefully on the lines in order to get them the correct size.






I printed and cut out an outline of Africa while Alex colored and cut out these African Animals.  I was impressed that he cut everything nicely on the lines.  Usually, he doesn’t care.  This time, he was very careful to cut precisely on the lines!  This is more geography than science, I suppose.


We also read about animal camouflage.  Did you know that a zebra’s stripes are actually a form of camouflage to protect it from its enemies?  We learned about how other animals use camouflage to protect themselves, as well.


Ummm….yeah…found several cute crafts.
That’s as far as we got…FINDING.

We painted shamrocks for St. Patricks Day, and we talked about how the three leaf clover can represent God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  We also made sugar cookies shaped like shamrocks.  (I have no pictures of the painting, as there were FOUR kids at the table…and a whole lot of paint…I didn’t dare look away long enough to grab the camera!)


No zebra crafts, though, even though there are some CUTE ones out there!
Google ‘marble paint zebra’  or search the MFW K Facebook group for fingerprint zebras.


With Mama’s help, Alex made “zebra-stripe pudding” for an after dinner snack.IMG_8160
(The manual suggests making pudding from scratch.  While I *LOVE* to bake from scratch with my kids, I decided to use pudding mix so that Alex could have the pride of doing it himself.  Besides, pudding is one thing I have never made from scratch!)


tot school 
(Max is  3 yrs, 6 months)

Max has a new fascination with writing his ABCs.  He still doesn’t know every letter by name, and he certainly can’t write the letters independently.  The desire is suddenly there, though, so I’ve started offering opportunities.  My mom gave the boys some write on-wipe off learning books for Christmas, and they enjoyed these this past week.


Max did an African Animal puzzle


We made shamrock cookies and did a shamrock art project.
We used this as an opportunity to discuss how ONE shamrock has THREE leaves,
and ONE God has THREE parts.


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