Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MFW K ~ Unit 1 (Sun) Highlights

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Alex is 4 years, 8 months/Max is 36 months

We learned that “Jesus is the Light of the World.”
Our letter is Ss (Sun.)

~ and ~
Shadows Everywhere by Gina Shaw (no image available)
What Makes A Shadow by Clyde Robert Bulla (no image available)
Our learning cart (IKEA, ten years ago) has a side with pouches
where we are keeping our books for the week. 
September2012 026
…adding today’s number & tracing the number on his notebook calendar…
  September2012 017 September2012 019 
filling in the number on the calendar & 100 chart
  September2012 021September2012 020
…learning the Pledge of Allegiance & singing “My Father’s World
Alex has been singing his heart out– it is SO sweet!
September2012 022September2012 024
…making his first bundle of ten for our hundreds chart…
September2012 070 September2012 072 September2012 073 September2012 074
Bible lesson – it’s hard to see in the dark!
We learned how Jesus lights our way.
September2012 032
TACTILE LETTER PRACTICE Using a popsicle stick to draw the letter S in his salt box. 
Shaping Wikki Stix into the letter S.
writing an S on his gel bag (ziploc filled with colored hair gel)
  September2012 031 September2012 060
September2012 102
We are doing a larger handwriting page for now because
Alex just isn’t ready for the smaller size of the MFW sheets.
 September2012 045 
Alex misunderstood the number sheet, and he is embarrassed that he circled two suns.
We crossed out one sun.
  September2012 047September2012 046
cutting out his letter S picture cards, decorating the S envelope,
adding the envelope to our picture card box to be used later
      September2012 028 September2012 030
Alex had to stamp the ones that started with S. 
(Mommy crossed out the ones that didn’t, but Alex told me which ones to cross out.)
September2012 050 September2012 051
cutting and gluing a letter S under each picture
that starts with S
September2012 081
drawing pictures of words that begin with S, writing S on the line
He hasn’t exactly developed art skills yet… ;)
September2012 104 September2012 105 
MATH tracing drinking glass and penny, learning about circles,  learning about #1
coloring the sun, a penny, and himself
September2012 077September2012 075 
I just love his picture of himself.  The things next to his eyes are his ears.
The sticks out the side are his hands. 
I guess Alex has hands growing out of his head!
September2012 080 September2012 078
cuisenaire rods
September2012 100

POETRY “My Shadow” poem by Robert Lewis Stevenson 
Alex liked this video, with the My Shadow poem starting at 40 seconds.
The power of the sun: it can turn grapes into raisins!  We put grapes in a dish and set it out in the sun.  Alex is showing you that it was bright outside!
I read a great suggestionon the Facebook MFW K group AFTER we did our grape experiment:  Freeze your grapes for an hour, then rub then gently against the parmesan side of a cheese grater to break the skin.  THEN leave your grapes in the sun.  The broken skin on the grapes will help them to lose their moisture & become raisins more quickly.
September2012 001
Day 1September2012 002 Day 5 (making progress)
September2012 064
Day 10 (becoming raisins…and attracting fruit flies!)
September2012 107
starting our sundial
September2012 106
ART Math & Art rolled into one…
painting the sun – a circle (our shape this week)
and making a two-colored pattern for the sun’s rays
September2012 063September2012 065
SNACKS pineapple ring & carrot stick “suns” (with ranch dressing “cloud”)
homemade sunshine cupcakes (idea from Jennifer on the MFW K  Facebook group)
September2012 067September2012 098      
Baby Sister discovered the JOY of licking a spatula!
September2012 087

(Max is 36 months)
We’re not leaving out this little guy!  He gets to join us for whatever he would like, but he is not doing the MFW K student sheets.  Instead, I am making some sheets to fit what he is interested in learning right now.  We’re also doing some activities based on what he is learning at age 3.
Max usually joins us for calendar & story time, wanders the playroom for a while, and then busies himself with an activity.  On this day, he matched our lowercase alphabet magnets to the Lauri alphabet puzzle.
September2012 029September2012 027
Max knows the alphabet song, but he doesn’t yet recognize his alphabet letters.  We worked on this large Letter S tracer page (while Alex completed an activity of his own).  First, Max traced it with his finger.  Next, he used three different markers to trace/”rainbow write” the letter S.  My only goal is to HOPEFULLY have him recognize the letter of the week.
 September2012 034 September2012 035 September2012 037 September2012 038
On Friday, our third day of this unit, Max came running to me and said, “Mom, come see my S!”  He is referring to the gold doubloons on the right side of the photo.  At least he has a general concept of the shape of an S.
September2012 068
For prewriting, Max likes to do these “mazes”.  He drew a path from the sun to the earth, trying to stay in the lines.
September2012 039 September2012 040
He (quite creatively) did this shape-matching page, naming each shape & then drawing a line from each shape (inside of a sunshine) to the larger matching shape.  He insisted on circling each shape first.
September2012 041
Max LOVES to count!  He counted the pictures, and then I wrote the number in the blank.  Then we pointed to the correct pictures as we said, “JESUS is the LIGHT of the WORLD!”
 September2012 042 September2012 043
Sorting shapes & colors
 September2012 052  September2012 056
September2012 076
Matching Colors in a file folder activity
He was able to correctly name green, yellow, and red.
September2012 058 
Magnet Page
September2012 061 September2012 062
trying to make an “s” with wikki stix
  September2012 082
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The Waites Family said...

So awesome Dawn! I'll be a frequent flyer to your blog for sure!!

Michelle said...

Love it! What a super fun week :-)

Moose said...

What a fun week!!!! I often forget to take pictures of what we did, I am getting better though. Loved the tablet (iPad i assume) for watching videos.. duh, why didn't I think of that!?

Allison said...

I love your colorful S envelope! Ours are so boring, LOL. Looks like a fun unit. It seems like we did ours forever ago but not really. We'll on unit 7 - Us.

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Thanks Allison :)

I have bunches of scrapbook alphabet stickers, and I really don't scrapbook any more. It just seemed like a good use...even though it's totally unnecessary ;)

Monica said...

Wow what a nice set up! Thanks for linking up.

mytwentysixthyear said...

Fun stuff!!

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WOW - You are very organized yourself!! I love your ideas for upcoming printables!Exciting!!

Snuffygirl5 said...

Aw, I loved homeschooling in the little years! We didn't do MFW at the time, but we did so many of the same things. My kiddos are 2nd and 4th now, but thankfully I have a 3 year old to do all these fun things over again with!

Kattie said...

Looks like you guys are having fun, love the cart! Thanks for linking up and sharing!