Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tot School – Cars & Hearts (37 Months)

I’m lumping 2 short weeks together into one post.  The nasty cold/cough that’s been going around has hit our family, leaving us with few days when there was no time or motivation to work on Tot School.

This week was FUN!  Alex has been waiting very impatiently for Cars Week!  Unfortunately, with doctor visits and sick kiddos, we only did 1.5 days of Tot School…but we packed in as much as we could!

Our resources this week were Carisa’s Cars resources at 1+1+1=1 and some printables that Alex and I made.


Prewriting – Alex grabbed this from my hand, grabbed a marker, and did this without a bit of assistance.  Not perfect, but he did his best.

February2011 204

Count with Cars – we worked together to put the numbers in order from 1 – 10. 

 February2011 205 February2011 206

Cars Shadow Matching – there were only 4 shapes, so this took about 10 seconds to complete!  I guess I need to make more cards for next time!

February2011 208

Size-sorting with Lightning McQueen February2011 209 February2011 210

Cars Colors book – he loved naming the color of each car, and we even learned the names of some Cars characters that Mommy didn’t know yet. February2011 211

Cars Shape Cards – we used a dry erase marker on our (laminated) cards to draw the outline of the shape and find the shape on the Cars characters. February2011 212

Cars Alphabet page – we used letter tiles (from the game Snatch) to cover the letters on the trophies.  Alex did very well with this, but it took FOREVER! February2011 213 February2011 214

A little extra fun – Cars stickers that Aunt Annie gave to Alex for Christmas.  We hung on to these for our Cars week!  Without any prompting, Alex named the shape of each sticker as he stuck it on the paper. February2011 216February2011 219

Color Wonder Cars coloring book – my Alex isn’t much of a “color-er”, but he enjoyed scribbling on one picture for about 10 minutes. February2011 217 February2011 218

The Parking Lot game – this should be a great game, but Alex did not like being limited in how he could play with his toy cars.  Eventually, he did get finished with game…but I don’t think he’d willingly play it again :(  Really, it’s a great game…just an unwilling preschooler!

  February2011 221 February2011 222

February2011 223 


Alex INSISTED on doing Tot School on Valentines Day, even with a temp of 103*.  Poor baby felt rotten, but he wasn’t going to miss his Tot School!

We used pages and activities from:

We tried Count & Clip cards for the first time, and Alex really liked this activity.  We’ve been really practicing one-to-one correspondence when counting, so he & Mommy carefully pointed to each candy heart on the card.  When he concentrates, Alex does a GREAT job! February2011 177February2011 178Prewriting – I love the concentration with the tongue sticking out! 

February2011 179 February2011 180

Fill My Heart game – can you tell he liked it?  We used candy heart erasers to cover the empty hearts.  The next picture shows another counting game; in this one, you race to the finish line.February2011 182February2011 184

Matching hearts to numbers – we just did 1 – 5, as Alex’s attention span wouldn’t have held out any longer!

 February2011 185 February2011 186


February2011 187 February2011 188

Color the hearts.  Although he put only the tiniest bit of color on each heart, Alex LOVED finding the right color and drawing on the hearts.  (Yes, I definitely helped him write his name.)

February2011 189 February2011 190

We made chocolate sugar cookies on a day when both boys were feeling decent.  YUM!  The recipe is on, and these cookies are DELICIOUS!   We cut them into heart shapes and sprinkled with red sugar before baking.  (I didn’t have the energy to even consider frosting them!)

These were Max’s first taste of cookie dough, and he loved it! 

 February2011 194 February2011 197 February2011 198 February2011 200

February2011 202

So, two weeks lumped together into one lengthy post…if you made it this far, I’m impressed! :)  Hopefully we’re on the road to recovery, and we can enjoy some Dr. Seuss fun in the coming week!  We made a few quick printables to keep us busy in the coming week…enjoy! :)

Check out what other Tot School kids did this week by clicking on the link in the right margin.  Have a great week!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Boys…

…keep life interesting!

I walked into the office to find this dinosaur greeting me yesterday.  Since he’s about 2 feet tall, I was (for a brief second) slightly startled.

February2011 220

My pretty-much-potty-trained boy, proudly announcing that he went potty one morning.  We must walk around with jammies down & sunglass on, of course.

(Notice Max in the background, speeding away to mischief…)

February2011 192February2011 191

Friday, February 25, 2011

When Big Brother’s Away…

A few weeks ago, Uncle Kevin & Aunt Annie invited Alex to come and spend the weekend at their house.  We met halfway for lunch at McDonalds, kissed our little guy goodbye, and then Max and I headed home.

Max dozed in the car, waking when I pulled into the garage.  We came inside, and this sweet little one looks around and says, “Ah-leex? Ah-leex?  Alex bye bye!!!”

Max headed straight for Alex’s bedroom, where he climbed up on Alex’s bed with a big grin on his face.

February2011 027February2011 033

He rolled around, jumped, giggled, and got away with things that his big brother would never allow…

February2011 029February2011 032

Then he realized he had complete freedom to read Alex’s books – without having them torn from his fingers by a jealous big brother!

February2011 034February2011 035

When he finished “reading”, he played on the chair for a bit.

February2011 036February2011 039

Then he realized there was no one to tell him where to steer Alex’s shopping cart, so he pushed the groceries all around the house.

February2011 025February2011 026The next day, he enjoyed lots of special Daddy time.  Daddy played grocery cart with him.          February2011 040 February2011 041

Max also got to “help” Daddy put together the new kitchen chairs, and he had the box from the table all to himself.   Check out the snuggles from a happy Max:   February2011 044 …and the happy giggles when Daddy paid attention to him.February2011 045February2011 043  February2011 047 February2011 046

The second child definitely doesn’t get as many “one on one” moments with Mommy or Daddy as the first.  We really enjoyed this chance to just love on our little guy!  Thanks, Kevin & Leanne, for giving our big guy a fun weekend while we got to enjoy Max!