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MFW K–Kk Kangaroo

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Alex is 5 years, 2 months
Max is 3 years, 6 months

We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.

This week, we are learning the letter Kk for Kangaroo
Our Bible words are: I am safe in God.


Alex loved this cute, simple story.  We read it again and again.

The one below was the best informational book we found for a 5 year old.  It offers plenty of interesting facts, yet it does so in a way that’s simple enough to hold a 5 year old’s attention.  I liked this book a lot!

I found Marsupial Sue to be a rather…odd…story.  We found the book/CD set at our library.  Alex liked it.  Max LOVED it.  (He’s 3.5 yrs old.)  The CD is John Lithgow SINGING the story.  I found it really annoying, and I think Alex did as well.  Max, on the other hand, BEGGED to hear that song again and again.  (Personally, I think I’d rather not ever hear it again…it’s been stuck in my head ALL WEEK.)


Here’s Alex reading the little story that is included in Unit 17 of MFW K.


Alex is anxiously waiting for “Leprechaun’s Day”, as he is calling St. Patricks Day.

We also enjoyed the opportunity to check off a few SNOW boxes on the weather chart!


According to the manual, we should be celebrating our 100th day of school this week.
This is where I admit that we lost track of our days a while back.
Jensyn kept dumping out our straws.
I kept forgetting to have Alex write down the number of the day on his 100 Chart. 
Oops!  100 Day Parties can be really fun…if you remember to keep track! Smile


We read Bible verses and talked about one of King David’s Psalms
to help us understand that God keeps us safe. 

We used a kangaroo pattern from Making Learning Fun to make this kangaroo mama & joey.
On the pocket, we wrote “I am safe in God.”

Alex wrote “SAFE”.
I did the other words because the pocket wasn’t big enough to fit all of his words.



This week, we learned the –ck says /k/ at the end of a word.
Alex caught on very quickly.



He did a great job reading “Kim’s Hat”.


beginning sounds  (my own page)




Very good attempts…
his only problem was that he really wanted the bottom part of the K to curve like a C.


I totally forgot to get a picture of this week’s MFW K math page…
it was an introduction to the  fractions 1/4 and 1/2,
and it had a simple fruit salad recipe if you wanted to try it.
(We didn’t, as I forgot to purchase the right things!)

writing and counting 17 (my own page)


finishing the pattern (my own page – contact me if you use MFW and want these pages)


more counting/number practice
(These are too easy, but he wanted to do little brother’s pages!)



We popped outside with sidewalk chalk and a tape measure to measure how far Alex can jump, and then we compared it to how far a kangaroo can jump.  Alex’s longest jump was 40 inches.  A kangaroo can jump 30 feet in one hop!



cutting out his kangaroo Bible project, which we found online


We also used a pattern from Danielle’s Place website.  It’s meant to have a small cup as a pouch, but we subbed half a toilet paper tube because that’s what we had.  We used an extra joey from Making Learning Fun since this pattern doesn’t come with a joey.


Alex had fun using both of his paper kangaroos to reenact the story Pouch.



a mommy-made kangaroo maze


tot school 
(Max is 3 years, 6 months…and Jensyn is 23 months, if that matters)

Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him. 

We did my mini kangaroo preschool pack this week.  I don’t have it in my shop, as it’s not a complete pack at this point.  *IF* you use MFW K, you can contact me and I’ll send you the file.  It’s nothing big and nothing special…I think it’s 10 pages with a maze, counting page, letter recognition page for K, beginning sound page, magnet page, and puzzle cards.

Little Miss Jensyn is no longer napping when we do Max’s “notebook school”, so while I am not trying to teach her anything, I do have to keep her occupied! This week was magnets and a Kangaroo magnet page and a free-for-all with dry erase markers.


painting kangaroos (pattern from Danielle’s Place website)

we used half a toilet paper tube instead of a plastic cup


puzzle cards


counting…he is REALLY recognizing all of his numbers now!


maze, intro to letter K


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