Friday, February 15, 2013

MFW K – Hh Horse

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Alex is 5 years, 1 month
Max is 3 years, 5 months

We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables. 

This week, we are learning the letter Hh for  horse.
Our Bible words are: I obey right away!

Poor boy had to sleep in the living room with Mommy
so we didn’t keep anyone else awake with his nebulizer during the night.
On the bright side, ‘sick days’ mean extra TV when you wake up Smile

This is where I admit that I dropped the ball this week.  Between a busy weekend of parties, and a week with the stomach flu, and croup/asthma issues, we didn’t get to the library.  We had to work with the one book that we already own.  Good thing that it’s a neat story!
enjoying a snack while Mommy reads
about Jonah learning to obey right away
A bit from All About Reading:
He thought the nonsense words in the Word Flipper were pretty funny!
(Please note that I don’t feel that additional phonics are necessary with MFW K; we had the opportunity to review this program, and I planned to begin it anyway after completing MFW K, so we are getting a head start.)
We said that making an H is like making 2 walls, and then adding a bridge to connect them.
Making an h is like making 1 wall, and then making a train tunnel.
It worked like a charm, and he made excellent letters!
sometimes he made the ‘tunnel’ too tall on the lowercase h
“Alex The Builder” likes making 14s!
(Last week, I taught Spiderman…I just never know who might be in my class, ha ha!)
weight & size
This week, instead of the cuisenaire rods,
we did a tangram book with horse & goat pictures.
animal classification
This is one of those activities that really proves to me that MFW K can effectively teach math without daily workbook pages.  I’m really glad we didn’t supplement – it’s much more fun getting an introduction to math through hands-on learning!  (Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the beginning stages of this project, but trust me – it’s FUN math!)
measurement/art combination

measuring and cutting rectangles (with LOTS of help)
& deciding how to put the rectangles together to form a horse

Alex had fun making valentines on the computer & addressing the envelopes.
I love his wobbly handwriting – it melts my heart!

We also made dinner for someone from church,
and the kids colored pictures to make her a get well card.
I love the opportunities to teach my kids about serving others!
(This was before our house got struck with sickness, thank goodness!)

Valentines Day Fun!
IMG_7803  IMG_7828
tot school 
(Max is 3 yrs, 5 months)
We didn’t have any “notebook school” at the table, but we had plenty of learning fun.
Jensyn had her first turn to help Mommy bake.

Max & Jensyn had a BALL learning to build things with our new (to us, anyway) unifix cubes that a friend found at Goodwill.
We traced and cut hearts from construction paper
to make a pretty banner to brighten up the kitchen.
Max could actually do this!
Jensyn…well…she had fun thinking she was doing it Smile

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What a wonderful week! I hope everyone is on the mends soon!! Love that picture of Jensyn "working"!