Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Max’s Happy Birthday

We celebrated Max’s birthday on a Sunday afternoon, two days before his actual birthday. 

I’ll start with the fun pictures – the smash cake! 

August2010 174

Like most babies, Max started out unsure of what to do with this thing on his tray.

August2010 172August2010 171

His first reaction to the sugary frosting was pretty funny – clenched fists and a funny face.

August2010 185

After a while, he got it all figured out…and he liked it!

August2010 205August2010 188

I’m all done, Mom!

August2010 192

Grandma P made the cake, and Jessica made the smash cake.  They put a LOT of work into making these adorable zoo-themed cakes!  When I learned how complicated the stripes were, I was amazed they didn’t throw that cake right out the window before completing it!  THANK YOU for making such adorable cakes!

August2010 316

August2010 317

Now that we’ve had the fun pictures, here are some random pictures taken throughout the day.  THANK YOU to everyone who picked up my camera and took pictures when you had the chance. I  really appreciate it!

August2010 147 August2010 151

My mom & sisters helped with food – potato salad, veggies & dip, jello, beef, pickled cucumbers.  All we had to do was buy a watermelon, buns for the beef, potato chips, chips & salsa, and drinks. Thank you!

August2010 152

August2010 153

                August2010 208

Jessica used extra cake to make Alex his own little smash cake.

August2010 195August2010 202

Our boys enjoyed lots of snuggles and playtime with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

August2010 212

Aunt Annie got this cute little jeep for Max, but Alex claims that it’s his.  Max is clueless at this point, so Alex gets his way on this one…

August2010 218 August2010 315   August2010 319 August2010 320 August2010 328 August2010 329

Max got spoiled with some great presents…

August2010 335 

…which he didn’t help to open.  I’d hoped Alex would be my helper, but neither boy helped a bit once there were open toys to play with!

August2010 340 August2010 363

In addition to Annie’s jeep, Max got…

2 kid songs DVDs and a CD
a learning walker (which is fought over daily in our house)
a little football
Critter Clinic
Zany Zoo busy box (MUCH loved by all of us!)
Whacky Ball
Frog Pod tub toy holder (I’m *LOVING* this!)
a praise songs DVD
a bounce & spin turtle
lots of money for his savings account

August2010 338

August2010 216So, little boy, you’re ONE!  And you have a big family who loves you very much!  Happy Birthday, Max!  We hope to enjoy many more happy birthday celebrations with you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Cute

If kids didn’t have “cute” as one of their ingredients, I don’t think parents would survive.  Alex has been very “terrible two” around the house lately.  Our super-obedient boy is taking a little vacation, and he’s been replaced with a different child – one who is talking back a lot and testing me often to see what he can get away with doing.

Thankfully, he’s also cute and fun…and Max is, too! That’s all that saves them from the wrath of Mama at times, I do believe.  :)

August2010 128

“Wook, Mom!  See what I did to my cup?”

August2010 129The boys play with Alex’s train table just about every morning.  Grandma & Papa Purdy brought back this engineer cap from Alaska…it’s perfect for playing trains! :)

August2010 117 August2010 118 

Max is starting to really enjoy pushing the trains around…until he gets bored and throws them, that is!

  August2010 123

Boys in a basket:
fun for about 24 seconds, until they realize they’re squished ;)

August2010 124 August2010 125

Somebody Had A Birthday…

…and one of these days, I’ll have enough time to post about it!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I hope to find time soon to post about our little boy turning ONE.

Happy Birthday, Max!

August2010 451

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camping Again!

After spending one evening and one morning getting ready to go, and then setting up a camper on a humid 90 degree day, we started to question if this whole camping thing is really worth it.  We weren’t seriously questioning it, but it sure is a lot of work to prepare for camping and get set up, especially with two very little ones underfoot!

Watching how much fun Alex had, and having lots of fun ourselves, we’ve decided it’s worth it…but it’s NOT a relaxing vacation with little ones!

This past weekend, we went with a group from our church to Indiana Dunes State Park.  It’s less than an hour from home, and it’s a pretty nice campground.  We had some rain, but not enough to spoil our fun.

Max wasn’t thrilled about sleeping in the pack n play, but he sure had fun playing in it!  (And after crying himself to sleep for each nap and bedtime, he did okay…but he still woke oncee during each night and got up for the day around 6 AM…ugh!)August2010 065 August2010 066It’s really a lot of fun to camp with a big group.  Alex had a BLAST playing with all of his church friends – blowing bubbles, playing games, digging in dirt, riding his Buck, running around, playing at the beach…he was one very happy little boy!

I picked up a new bubble toy on clearance before we left.  It was fun for 5 minutes…until it got bubbles in the motor and stopped working.  Oops.August2010 070August2010 071Alex dug in the dirt.  A lot.  He didn’t care if he was alone or with other kids, as long as he could dig.  His bucket and shovels were a big hit with the little boys.

August2010 100

See the bike?  Alex was loving his friends’ bikes.  Oh, how he wishes he could ride a bike like a big boy!  Thanks, Jackson and AJ, for sharing your bikes with Alex!

August2010 073

When I asked Alex about his favorite part of camping, he said “playing John Deere Buck with Zach”.  They sure were cute together!

August2010 108

Miss Angie brought some fun games, and she taught Alex how to play Cariboo with AJ & Jackson.  (By the way, this game is out of production.  If you have this game & your kids have outgrown it, I’d *LOVE* to buy it off of you!)

August2010 079

I’m pretty sure Alex is happiest when he’s COVERED with dirt.  This is just his face.  You really should have seen the rest of him.  We learned that he hates showers, and had to resort to a sponge bath on the second night.  It takes a LONG time to sponge off all that dirt!

August2010 101There was lots of chatting, eating, playing, and swimming…and some swatting at biting flies and mosquitoes, too.  Really, though, we had a lot of fun and we’re SO glad we were able to go! 

August2010 074 August2010 076   August2010 082 August2010 083Lest you think this is a nice massage line, look closely.  Jessi (in the front) was a good sport about getting coated in wet sand!

August2010 084 August2010 086 August2010 087

Max absolutely adored playing in the sand and shallow water.  He was so active that this is the best picture I could get.  In the rest of the pictures, he’s crawling too fast!  He got a few mouthfuls of sand, and he ate a few pebbles…but hey, it’s all part of learning what the beach is all about, right? ;)

August2010 089 August2010 097We barely made use of the firewood we brought.  This was the only fire on our own campsite.  The rest of the time, Jack & Angie’s fire was shared by several families.  I offered to share some of our firewood, but Jack pointed out that our firewood is from HIS tree, so it wouldn’t really matter! ;)August2010 102 August2010 103 August2010 105   August2010 110After the campground church service, we had a great big, really yummy group breakfast.  Everyone pitched in, and it was delicious!  I think Mark’s sausage and potatoes was some of the best camp food I’ve ever eaten.  YUM!

August2010 111

Max hung out in the pack n play while we took down the camper.

 August2010 112

Alex alternated between playing and helping Daddy.

 August2010 113 August2010 114And here’s Max at dinner.  He fell asleep mid-reach for a bite of pizza.  I guess we wore him out! ;)

August2010 115

One more camping trip to go this year…Oak Lake again, with my brother’s family and some of my cousins…on Labor Day weekend.  We’re looking forward to it!