Thursday, November 1, 2012

MFW K Unit 6 – Tt Turtle

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Alex is 4 years, 10 months
Max is 38 months
We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.

This week, we are learning the letter Tt for turtle.
Our Bible words are: I don’t quit; I persevere!
This is from last week…we are taking this week OFF and doing some fun seasonal activities
and using my Pumpkin Preschool Pack with both boys.
(Please don’t pay $500 for Hi Harry!  I’m just linking you to the book, lol!)

We read a lot more, but I’ve already returned them to the library & can’t remember any specific titles! :)
The Tortoise & The Hare
 October2012 291
We made a third bundle – over 30 days of school :)
October2012 289
Alex wrote 33 all by himself with no tracing lines
October2012 290
I don’t have any pictures! 
We learned about perseverance, running the race set before us without quitting.
drawing a T with his dot marker, dotting the turtle
October2012 257
A few months ago, I was offered the opportunity to review Alpha-Phonics with Alex. 
I had already purchased My Father’s World Kindergarten, but Alpha-Phonics was an inexpensive option I had considered before choosing MFW K.  It’s a very basic, slowly building program that teachers children to blend the letter sounds to make words.
October2012 258
I was honest with the company, letting them know that we were committed to another phonics program, but that we would be glad to try the first 10 lessons.  They were still quite happy to send us a sample, and I’m quite happy to recommend their program!

We’ve gone through lesson 6, and Alex definitely has figured out how to sound out words.
He’s very proud of himself!
We may very well continue beyond the 10 lessons, although we do not use this during our regular school time.  I only pull it out on Alex’s request :)

Here's the student portion  and teacher portion of lessons 3 and 4. 
Alex proudly (and slowly) read these words and sentences to Daddy the other night.
October2012 259 October2012 260
Finding T and t stickers to add to his picture card envelope
 October2012 256     
stamping the words that begin with T
crossing out the words that do not begin with T
October2012 255October2012 272
New activity – making words!   We only did the /a/ line on the blend ladder.
Alex had to place a letter in front of & behind the letter a.
Then he had to sound out the word he made. 
If it was a real word, we wrote it on the lines.
   October2012 277 October2012 278
reading words & pasting them in the correct box
October2012 279  October2012 282
He’s very good at making T.
He likes to put the “hat” across the top ;)
October2012 267
making the number 6 & circling his favorite
circling 6 turtles
October2012 269October2012 270
Count & Color
  October2012 292
  Writing 6/Counting To Six/Following Directions
October2012 281October2012 293
Cuisenaire Rods Book
(available on
October2012 294 October2012 295
tangram turtle
October2012 296
I don’t have any pictures – we read lots of informational books about turtles.
We learned how sea turtles lay their eggs.
We learned that land turtles are called tortoises.
paper plate turtles with squares of tissue paper & construction paper
 October2012 283   October2012 286 October2012 287 
apple & grape turtles
(idea from Pinterest, I believe)
October2012 274 October2012 275 October2012 276 
The boys were making themselves into alphabet letters
on the living room floor. 
We took a picture of their “T” for turtle!
October2012 273
tot school 
(Max is 37 months)
Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him.
We didn’t get to do Max’s nest pages last week, and I never made any turtle pages…so Max mainly did birdy-themed pages this week :)
Prewriting Practice – following the path to help the baby bird to her nest.
October2012 268
Melissa & Doug beginning pattern block puzzle (one of his favorites!)
It’s great shape & spatial relation practice!
Max figured out on this day that two triangles can make one square.
October2012 261 Shape matching
October2012 265October2012 266 
more prewriting practice – he LOVES to follow lines with a crayon!
October2012 271
Max’s turtle
October2012 288October2012 285
October2012 284 

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Anonymous said...

So much fun! I love that Alex is loving that he can sound words out! What fun!

Tanya said...

Your turtle printables are so cute. :) Do you have a Turtle printable pack available, or did you just make a few pages for your little guy?

Dawn @ Our Little Monkeys said...

Thank you!

Right now, I just have a couple of turtle pages to go along with this unit. If you're using MFW K, you can download those. I don't have a whole pack yet.

I have what I need to make a sea creatures pack, but I haven't done that yet. Maybe after Christmas...

Jade said...

The tissue paper turtles look great and would be so much fun! I haven't tried gluing things with my daughter just yet (I have nightmares of her glueing herself to...well, herself haha!). And the turtle snack looks delicious :-) xx