Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First Big Fall

Alex had his first big fall last week. Most of you who read this blog already know about it, but here's the story...

I attend a women's Bible study at church on Tuesday mornings. The class is on the main floor at the bottom of a flight of stairs. The toddler nursery at church is upstairs, at the top of the same stairs. There's a safety gate on the nursery door, but that didn't stop Alex.

He escaped from nursery and decided to come down the stairs all by himself. It didn't work out so well for him, since (while he knows how to come down correctly) he believes he can just walk right down the stairs.

We don't know exactly what happened. No one saw his fall. All I know is that Alex was crying, and it sounded closer than the nursery. Very soon after that, the nursery worker appeared in the doorway with Alex cradled in her arms. It appears that he went headfirst down the stairs on his belly.

At first, his head looked pretty scary - bloody, banged-up, and it looked like there was blood in his mouth, too. After comforting him, I cleaned him up and nursed him while holding ice to his forehead.

He must have bit his tongue, but I never noticed anything after the initial blood. He had a rugburned nose & forehead, and he also had a quarter-sized bruise on his forehead. We're feeling pretty blessed that this is all that came from a fall down a big flight of stairs!

That night, I bought Alex a shamrock shake as a special treat to make up for his rough day.
He sure enjoyed that! (Mommy enjoyed about half of it...)
Yesterday, Keith came home from work with a gift for Alex - his very own hardhat.
Maybe that will protect our poor kid from all the injuries he's sure to have in the future! ;)

What A Ham!

Last weekend, Leanne & Jessica came up for a baby shower for Keith's cousin Danny and his wife Ali. (Their first baby is due April 16th.)

That night, we had Keith's parents, Jessica, and Leanne over for hamburgers. Alex wasn't interested in eating the burger, so we offered him some ham.

Alex must have decided that the big people weren't paying enough attention to him, because we looked over to see this:
(Pay attention to the top of his head if you don't know what you're looking for. I guess he thought he'd get a good laugh if he piled his ham on his head.)

Just turning 15 months old, and the kid is already a little clown...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Play Group

My friend Angie started a playgroup for moms with little ones. We met for the first time on Friday, and we had a good time!

We started with a St. Patrick's Day story in the living room, then headed downstairs for an art project and snack.

For Alex, the art project was the snack. Mama still managed to make a rainbow, but Alex grabbed a fistful of rainbow & ate it as soon as Angie snapped the picture! Thank goodness that Crayola glue is non-toxic, ha ha!

After that, the kids had time to play with all of the toys. Angie shared a devotional, and then the moms chatted for a while.

I think this is going to be a fun group, and I know it's good for Alex to learn to play with other kids...even if he DOES eat the art projects!

(Hey, Angie - I stole the photos from Facebook...hope that's okay!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Mommies Should Never Take A Potty Break

The picture of Alex was taking after I told him no and spanked his hand. He has HUGE tears streaming down his cheeks. I wish that meant he'd never do it again, but I know better!

We're Ba-ack...

So, apparently people don't like it when you ignore your blog for a month. Poor Alex...he learns to walk, drink out of a straw cup, and do a bunch of other new things...and what does his Mama do? She doesn't even acknowledge it on his blog! Sorry, I guess I just got out of the habit.

Well, we're back with a new bathtub post, and I hope to make a nap-time attempt at getting the first steps video off of Keith's camera. (I don't use the video camera. I hate those things!)

Anyway, enjoy Alex's splish-splashing, and hopefully you'll have more to see in the next few days.

Splish-Splashin' Fun

Alex just LOVES his bath, and he looks forward to it almost every night. He goes to the bathroom as soon as he hears the water running. Sometimes he even stands by the bathtub during the day and asks, "Baa, Baa??" (No, we're not talking about sheep...I just didn't know how to spell the sound made by the first two letters of the word bath.)

Here are a few video clips of his fun in the tub.
The first one is splashin' and playin'.
The second one is showing off his verbal & sign language 'skills'.

I tried to reduce the video quality for faster loading. Let me know if it's too grainy on your computer. By the way, these videos come from my camera; you'll get videos of Alex walking as soon as I remember how to work with video from the actual video camera.