Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Cookies Preschool Pack

Here’s the newest pack available in my Teachers Notebook store for $1.25.
It’s on sale for $1 through December 1st.

Click on the image below to link to the cookies ad

This pack would be a freebie if I could.  Unfortunately, the graphic artist does not allow products made with her graphics to be publically shared for free.  My next project is to update the Christmas Candy mini-pack…I’m not sure it will be a 30 page pack when I’m finished, but I’ll do as much as I can in the next week or so!bibleverse

The Christmas Cookies pack comes with your own little LOVE project built into it!  When you complete this pack, take some time to bake and decorate cookies with your preschooler(s).  Be sure to take a plate of cookies to someone who’s lonely, sad, or just in need of a little love right now.

Page Samples:

ten part puzzle beginning sounds new  builditwriteit Cc handwriting  circledifferent count to add counting mat cards finish the pattern (new) how many magnet page ordinal numbers scissors skills shadow matching

Just a quick note: Teachers Notebook has a new $3 minimum purchase.  I am guessing they are doing this because credit card transaction fees eat up most of the payment on any smaller purchases.  Your purchase must be a minimum of $3, but the purchase can be a combination from multiple Teachers Notebook shops.

As always, Buy 3 items from Little Monkey Printables in ONE transaction, and you can select one pack for free!  I’ll e-mail you at your PayPal address & send you a private message at Teachers Notebook asking which pack you’d like for free.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MFW K Unit 8 – Dd Dinosaur

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Alex is 4 years, 11 months
Max is 39 months

We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.

This week, we are learning the letter Dd for dinosaur.
Our Bible words are: Big and Small, God made them all!
We learned a lot, but this unit had kind of a disjointed feel.  We started the week before Thanksgiving, used Thanksgiving week for other activities, and finished the week after Thanksgiving.

Alex learned the names of all of his plastic dinosaurs from Aunt Annie, and he’s having lots of fun BEING a paleontologist and digging for plastic dinosaur bones in a chunk of plaster.

Alex’s favorite was If The Dinosaurs Came Back!
Both boys loved Danny and the Dinosaur.
Ken Ham’s Dinosaurs For Kids is a very factual book, but it is definitely not a book you could read with the average kindergartener in one sitting.  I’d recommend it, though, as it is a wonderful, Christian perspective on the dinosaurs.
We made another bundle!  We passed the 40 mark this week :)
November2012 164

writing D in the salt box with a popsicle stick
November2012 123
Alex can definitely read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words!
November2012 166 November2012 167 November2012 168 
Alex made & read the word “must”!  Good job, Alex!
November2012 170November2012 171
He read the words, and then I told him to “cross out the word add”
or “circle the word Ann with a red crayon”.
November2012 177 
Aunt Annie gave the boys dinosaurs last year for Christmas.
This t-rex guarded Alex as he worked! :)
stamping the words that begin with D
November2012 125November2012 124  November2012 126
coloring his D pictures cards
decorating the envelope with lots of D stickers
November2012 120 November2012 121    November2012 165
November2012 122
November2012 128
counting items in the picture
practicing number order & writing numbers
November2012 169
November2012 129

We bought a “Dig A Dinosaur” excavation kit  on Amazon.
(Clicking the picture below will link you to it.)
Alex was so excited to practice being a paleontologist, but this is definitely challenging for a young child.  The box says ages 8 and up, but Alex and I are working together to dig out a little each day.
 November2012 224 November2012 225
He was so excited when we “excavated” the first bone!  We’ve now removed 8 bones from the “rock”, but we have a ways to go.  I’ll post on our completed dinosaur when we’ve finished it.
November2012 227 November2012 229
So, this was a “flop” as far as turning out according to plan, but Alex was VERY proud of his paper bag dinosaur…which, I suppose, makes it successful.
November2012 180
November2012 178 November2012 179 
We found dinosaur shaped fruit snacks at Walgreens!  I’m not sure if these are sold elsewhere under a different brand, but this is Walgreens’ Nice! brand.
November2012 235 November2012 237
I designed a quick graph in Photoshop.  (E-mail me if you’d like it, but keep in mind that the colors match the Nice! brand fruit snacks.  I could probably change it to black & white so you could color your own bottom boxes.)
We opened up two packages of fruit snacks,
and Alex used the candies to complete the graph. 
Afterward, he answered a few simple questions for me. 
(How many yellow dinosaurs?  Which color has the most?  Which color has three dinosaurs?)
e-mail me if you'd like the file 
I bought a set of 4 (?) printable mini books on Teachers Notebook,
and we colored the story and read it together. 
  November2012 130 November2012 131 
tot school 
(Max is 39 months)
Ummm…yeah.  I’ve got nothin’ for ya this week.  Sorry! ;)
We did puzzles, read LOTS of books, and ate dinosaur fruit snacks.

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