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MFW K Unit 4 – Aa Apple

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Alex is 4 years, 9 months/Max is 37 months

We learned that “If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit.”
Our letter is Aa (apple).
The biggest apple we’ve ever seen!
October2012 093
I have to admit that Alex did NOT like “How To Make An Apple Pie”.  He obediently sat & listened, but it was obvious that he didn’t care for the book one bit. 
Now,  “Grasshopper On The Road” was a different story.  Alex giggled and giggled at the worm in the apple chapter.  Just be warned – there are two words in the first chapter that we don’t use in our home (stupid & dummy).  I replaced those words with silly and goofy.
I’d never heard the Johnny Appleseed song before, but we found a cute version on YouTube.
watching Johnny Appleseed
October2012 121

October2012 120  
This week we talked about the fruit that “grows” on us – the fruit of the Spirit.  We paid attention every day to how we showed (or didn’t show) these “God Fruits” in our actions and attitudes.  MFW K manual includes Bible verses and short paragraphs to read to your child throughout the week.
Wikki Stix
October2012 125 October2012 126
Salt Box – 4s
October2012 136

PHONICS & HANDWRITING We’ve made our own larger handwriting pages for now because
Alex just isn’t ready for the smaller size of the MFW sheets.
October2012 129
Alex’s As were WONDERFUL!  His 4s…well, they need a little help ;)
 October2012 130October2012 131
coloring & cutting his A picture cards
October2012 123
stamping what starts with A, crossing out the ones that don’t start with A
October2012 135   
Aa Apple “Maze” from
He had trouble catching on, but he was a pro by the time he completed the page :)
  October2012 122
Letter Sort
October2012 173
The manual instructs you to buy a large variety of apples for sorting, graphing, and baking.
Our grocery store didn’t have a large variety.  They had large apples, though:
October2012 092
sorting by size:
October2012 090
We needed yellow, red, and green apples for the graph.  Our store only had granny smith…nothing yellow, nothing else that was green.  I scrambled for a graphing activity, and I decided to just make one.  Alex LOVED LOVED LOVED it!
October2012 132
After cutting the apples, Alex had to glue them in the correct row.  When all the apples were glued, he answered the questions at the bottom of the page.  He was very proud of this!
I don’t have this online, but I can e-mail it to anyone who would like it…
eventually I’ll get caught up in putting files online :)
October2012 133
Cuisenaire Rods
Alex is getting so quick at picking the right sized block for each spot!
 October2012 174 October2012 175 October2012 176 October2012 177
Hmmm…I guess reading about apple orchards is our science for the week.  Alex did learn about how bees help in the pollination process.  We also cut open apples & found the “star” of seeds inside.
Alex & I took a “field trip” to the grocery store to see the variety of sizes, colors, and names of all the apples.  He hand selected apples of all different varieties, and we did an “apple taste test” to see how God made each variety just a little different.  That’s in a separate post; you can link to it below in the next paragraph.
We made applesauce to learn about the process of heat turning apples into sauce.   
October2012 149October2012 158 


We had an “apple fun day” when Grace was over.  CLICK HERE to read more about it in a separate post.  (These words want to be underlined, and I can’t make it go away! :/
October2012 157 October2012 138 October2012 141 October2012 143 October2012 147

Alex & I played this Roll & Cover game using smarties as our apples.
You can e-mail me if you’d like it.
The goal is to be the first one to fill your basket with “apples” –
which can be M&Ms, smarties, red beads, etc.
October2012 127 October2012 128  
(Max is 37 months)
Just for the record, I *offer* these activities to my little ones.  I  *NEVER NEVER* force a 3 year old to sit down and do “worksheets”.  Max is free to play or do his own thing.  I encourage puzzles, hands-on activities, etc…and he can do whatever paperwork interests him. 
This week was tricky, as Max was tired & cranky by the time we did school each afternoon.  He ended up napping every day during school time, but we kept him up an extra half hour to get a few things acccomplished on Friday:
Color Sorting cut & paste
 October2012 165 October2012 166
Tracing letter A in 4 different colors, then hanging it on the wall.
He then named each alphabet letter we’ve worked on so far.
October2012 167
Max LOVES to count!
He didn’t feel like coloring, but he marked with a red crayon as he counted.
You’ll see it if you look closely ;)
 October2012 168
He counted; I wrote the number. 
Afterwards, I asked him to find each number for me.
He’s still working on number recognition.
 October2012 169 October2012 170
size sorting
October2012 171
counting…again ;)
October2012 172
handprint apple trees (his is on the left)
October2012 159
apple taste test, making applesauce, apple art
(Separate Post: CLICK HERE)
October2012 138 October2012 153

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