Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tiny Talk

October2010 138 

My goofy little boy, who has recently started putting his hands out to his sides while spinning around and around in the living room…

“Hey mom, when I spin and spin and spin, the living room spins too!”


Heading to Walgreens today…

Alex:  Mom, what road are we on?

Mom: Halleck Street

Alex:  ALEX Street?! 

Mom:  No, sweetie, Huh-huh-Halleck Street

Alex:  Ha-ha-Alex Street!

(I gave up.)


Pulling out of Walgreens parking lot today…

Alex: Mom, where are we going?

Me:  We’re going home to eat lunch.

Alex: Mom?  McDonalds is the other way…

Me:  We’re not going to McDonalds, Alex. 

Alex: Well…I like Subway, too!

Me:  Alex, we’re going to eat lunch at home.

Alex, with a grumpy voice:  I don’t LIKE eating GROCERIES!


Last week, at lunch, when I set a plate of macaroni & cheese in front of Alex…

I don’t want macaroni, Mom.  I’d rather have shrimp.


October2010 093

Friday, November 12, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

It’s not too late to put together a box for Operation Christmas Child! 


This year, Alex is able to understand (just a bit…) what we’re doing, and he thinks it’s pretty neat!  We picked most of our toys from the dollar section at Target.  (If Alex had his way, we would have filled the entire box with little wooden ice cream trucks and fire trucks!  He also would have kept the mini Magnadoodle for himself.)  We then added a few toiletries and some crayons that I’ve gotten for free at CVS.

We wrote a short letter, added some pictures, and (to help Alex remember…) I took a picture of him with our box.  This way, we can look at the picture and pray for the little boy who will receive our box.

November2010 024 

There’s a $7 cost for shipping charges, and then you pay for what’s in the box.  We spent about $12 on items for the box.  So, for under $20, you can make a big difference for a child. 

Collection week is next week.  Samaritan’s Purse website lists collection locations where you can drop off your box.   If you can, take a little time in the coming week, pack a box, & make a little boy or girl smile!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time to recharge...

Max fell asleep in the high chair while eating lunch yesterday. Alex looked at him and said, "Maybe his battery is dead."
Oh, how I love my boys!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tot School – October (33 Months)

It’s probably obvious that I haven’t done a terrific job of posting Tot School lately.  Alex & I are still working together about twice a week, but I haven’t taken as many pictures or blogged about it much.  It seems like there’s always a better way to use limited free time.  So, I’ll try a monthly post for a while to see if that works better for me…

In October, we worked mainly with leaves and pumpkins.

Alex painted a tree and falling leaves.  This was not nearly as beautiful as I would have hoped.  I should have printed the tree on thicker paper!

 October2010 001 October2010 002

He did the L is for Leaves magnet page from Making Learning Fun

 October2010 028

He did this very neat leaf shadow activity from Two Teaching Mommies.  This was an effort in concentration for Alex; he struggled with it, although he could do it with help.  (I also want to recommend Two Teaching Mommies as a GREAT resource for those of you doing Tot School with 2 year olds.  They have COMPLETE units each month that are PERFECT for this age group! They’re currently working on turkeys, and there’s a football unit coming soon.)

October2010 031 October2010 032

Alex worked more in his Kumon Tracing book.  He’s really doing a pretty good job of guiding the crayon/marker/pencil along the line!

 October2010 033 October2010 034

We played a game (kind of like Hi-Ho Cherry-O) with candy corn and printable pumpkins.  We rolled dice to determine how many candy corn to remove.  It’s great number recognition and counting practice!  I think that this printable pumpkin came from Making Learning Fun.

October2010 120 October2010 123

We printed the Mr. Potato Head pieces from Two Teaching Mommies, using a suggestion from their Facebook page to decorate a pumpkin with the potato head parts.  It’s enjoyable, but it’s also a good way to practice where the facial features belong.  As you can see, he needed a little help figuring out where ears belong!  Alex thought this activity was great fun! (Oh, and I printed the pumpkin from a Google image search.)

October2010 124

Doing the leaf shadow activity on another day (although he’s wearing the same shirt…we must have given this shirt a workout in October!) October2010 125

I’d call out a letter, and Alex would cover it with a candy corn.  He’s forgotten some of his letters, so this was trickier than I thought it would be!  I focused on one pumpkin at a time so he had a smaller area to “search” for the letter.  Again, I’m pretty sure the activity is from Making Learning Fun.

 October2010 126 October2010 127

P is for Pumpkin magnet page from Making Learning Fun. 

 October2010 129

The Kumon Tracing pages are getting harder!  I keep thinking he’s going to struggle, but Alex continues to surprise me by doing well! October2010 130 October2010 131

We made pumpkin pie scented playdough using this recipe from Along The Way.  It takes a LOT of food coloring to get a true orange color.  We ran out of red before achieving it! ;)   Alex helped with measuring, pouring, and stirring while we made the playdough, although I drew the line at allowing him to use the food coloring! :)October2010 154 October2010 156

Grace came to play one morning, and we finger painted and made sugar cookies.  First, I gave them only red and yellow paints to swirl together and create orange.   October2010 169 October2010 170After they had painted their paper plates orange, I gave them more colors to freely finger paint anything they wanted.  While they did that, I turned their orange plates into pumpkins for them.

October2010 175I think this is Grace’s painting…I don’t seem to have a photo of Alex’s painting.  Oops!

October2010 176

Grace & Alex rolled the dough (with help), cut the dough, and we baked their cookies.  I probably shouldn’t admit to how much cookie dough was consumed, ha!  While the cookies cooled, we made and colored frosting.  After the cookies cooled, I helped them to *nicely* decorate one pumpkin cookie and then set them loose to freely decorate their other cookies.  Talk about a mountain of sprinkles, yikes! ;)

October2010 179 One of the "pretty” cookies…

October2010 178We’ve been SOOOO busy every evening lately that we ran out time to carve a pumpkin with Alex!  Thankfully, the church where we Trunk or Treated had a pumpkin carving station.  Max looked on from the stroller while Daddy & Alex carved this pumpkin.

 October2010 199 October2010 201

October2010 204

The last pictures I have are our rather sickly looking pumpkin-shaped pancakes.  I just made our regular homemade pancakes, added food coloring to the batter, and then we made faces with chocolate chips and stems with bacon.  I’m not sure I could bring myself to do this again…it takes a LOT of food coloring to achieve a light orange color.  Ewww!  Alex enjoyed it, though, and that’s what counts! :) October2010 215

October2010 216

We’ve also been working on playing the Memory game, counting to 15, singing the alphabet song, and lots more little things that haven’t been captured on camera.  SO, that’s our October…

To see what other Tot School familes are doing, check out Carisa’s website at