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MFW K–Jj Jewel

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Alex is 5 years, 3 months
We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten as our base,
adding in some of my own printables.
This week, we are learning the letter Jj for Jewel.
Our Bible words are: Jesus is more valuable than anything else!


It’s HARD to find good books about jewels!  The ones suggested by MFW were, for the most part, not available within our library system.  I remembered this book, which was in my reading curriculum when I taught second grade.  It’s a story about a little girl who tries on (and loses) her mother’s wedding ring.  Alex enjoyed the story!

The Children’s Book of Home and Family was recommended on mfwbooks.com discussion board.  There’s a story (on page 25, I believe) about a Roman mother and her sons that related to jewels.  It’s a brief story, but a neat comparison.

We also read this one, which is recommended in the MFW K manual, as well as looking at a few informational books about gems in order to see different types and colors of stones.


We learned & read about how the Kingdom of Heaven is more valuable than anything we could ever own.

We also learned how WE are God’s Jewels, precious and priceless to him.

We sang “Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver” and “When He Cometh”, two songs that you really never hear anymore, yet they hold beautiful truths about Jesus.





This week in AAR, Alex worked on the /ch/ sound.  We split the lesson into three days, as Alex was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of text on the fluency pages.  We enjoyed taking turns helping the mouse pick a chunk of cheese to eat (read).


We usually snuggle on the couch for the fluency pages, but we happened to work at the table on this particular day. 



We do my own handwriting page on day #1.


We split the official MFW K page between days #2 and #3.


Alex is very interested in addition right now, but he’s still working to really catch on.  He seemed to be doing okay, so I asked him to try the bottom row on his own.  He made a few mistakes, but was able to correct these on his own when I re-read what he wrote.  (The bottom row looks pretty messy, though!)







We read about how pearls are made, and we read a few non-fiction books about different types of gems.


Alex practice his fine motor skills by stringing colored straws (cut into small sections) on yarn to make necklaces.  At first, he wanted to quit after only one necklace.  He went on to make necklaces for the whole family over the course of the week!



We used gumdrop “jewels” to cover the pattern on this page, and then we continued the pattern using more gumdrops.  Simple, quick, and yummy math lesson…

I’ll get this on my MFW K Extras page when I get a chance, but it’s also in the files section of the MFW K Facebook group if you’d like to use it.


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