The verse under our blog header sums it up pretty well.  We are a family that is striving to serve the Lord.  As we go about our days, as we love our neighbors, as we raise our children, as we serve in our church...we want to do it all for the Lord.  We fall short every day.  We will never get it right.  His grace is amazing, and we're so grateful!  We pray that this blog will in some way bless you and your family today!

Keith is a computer systems designer, spending his days in an office setting.  He's an amazing daddy, and he gives so freely of his time and energy on evenings and weekends.  The kids just adore their daddy, and I adore this wonderful, hard-working guy with a crazy sense of humor.

I am a former second grade teacher who now has my dream job - staying at home, training up our own little ones! With no time for spreading out the scrapbook supplies and getting creative, I started this blog to record our family's daily activities and special events.

Keith and I have been married since 2004, and we have three children.   They are the joys of our life, and we praise God for these little blessings each and every day!

Alex (December 2007)

Max (August 2009) 
(photo credit to a mom in our co-op!)

Jensyn (April 2011)
(photo credit to a mom in our co-op)

Along with documenting our family life, this blog has grown into something more in the past few years.  I'm also using this blog to record our homeschool activities, and I'm excited to share our printables with you!  We hope you enjoy using the printables offered on this blog to work with your own children at home or in your preschool classroom!

Thanks for visiting Our Little Monkeys!