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We are excited to have the opportunity to review All About Reading Level 1! 
{CLICK HERE} to view our experiences with this program.

I’ve been eying this program for quite a while.  I intended to purchased it in Spring 2013 to begin when we finished MFW K.  I figured we’d use the early lessons as review during the summer and then continue when we start up our new curriculum in the fall.

When All About Learning Press offered us the chance to review the program for free in exchange for blogging our experiences, I jumped at the chance!

Alex & I are both thoroughly enjoying this experience.  He likes the fun activities, the silly little stories, and the magnetic letter tiles.  He gets excited to grab the reader and share a story with Daddy.

If I had purchased it on my own, I would have gone with the basic set and the star stickers.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated that All About Learning Press sent the deluxe kit, though, as the file box and storage bag have been very helpful!  I’d highly recommend it, as the box and file tabs really do help keep you organized!

We are blogging our experiences with All About Reading Level 1, and you can {CLICK HERE} to view our All About Reading posts.

Honestly, I can’t imagine a better program for teaching your child to read.  The initial investment may be pricier than some alternatives, but as a former teacher and as a mom, I see this program offering success even for students who have truly struggled with other programs.  It’s fun, hands-on, and thorough in a way that is not always so evident with other programs.  It is lightly scripted to guide the parent through each lesson, yet it still gives you the freedom to interact with your child and have fun working together.

All About Learning Press also offers a pre-reading program that is a wonderful option for a 4 – 5 year old who is ready for some FUN instruction to prepare for learning to read.  {CLICK HERE} for to view the Pre-Reading placement guide to see if this program would work for you and your child.

For a child who can already read basic CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words fluently, you may wish to consider Level 2.  {CLICK HERE} to view a placement guide to see if your child would be ready for Level 2.

To view a PDF informational page describing All About Reading, {CLICK HERE}.

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