Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Alex Funny…

Just getting this one written down before we forget…

Last night at dinner, Max let out a bloodcurdling scream because he didn’t want to eat his dinner.  (Sigh.)

Alex jumped because he hadn’t expected that, and he said, “That really scared the NIGHTLIGHTS out of me!”

Monday, October 24, 2011

Silly Max…

We’re finally reaching a point where Max, although he still speaks with only a handful of consonant sounds, is really starting to talk.  He puts together sentences, shares his opinions, and is starting to make us laugh.  This stage was so much fun when Alex was little.  I’m looking forward to giggling at Max’s words in the coming months!

October2011 058 

Last night at the boys’ bedtime, we read our story and got ready to pray.  As always, I asked Alex and Max what was the happiest thing about their day. 

Alex answered, “Playing with Daddy!”
Max parroted his brother, “Pway wiff Daddy!”

I then asked the boys, “Who would you like to pray for tonight?”
Alex said that he’d like to pray for Max.
Max said that he’d like to pray for Sax.

The conversation then went like this:

Mommy, quite confused: Sax?

Max: Yes.

Mommy: Do you mean Max?

Max: No.

Mommy: Do you mean Alex?

Max: No.

Mommy: Then who do you want to pray for?

Max: SAX!

Mommy: Who is Sax?

Max: I doh-know.

Mommy: Then why do you want to pray for him?

Max, very insistently: Pway foh Sax!

So we did.  Alex giggled through the entire prayer.  Whoever Sax might be, he’s been prayed for by two goofy, giggly little boys! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making Baby Food

This little sweetie likes to eat!  I started her on cereal at 5 months, then added fruits & veggies a few weeks later.  Most days, she really enjoys her food!

October2011 089

When Alex was little, I made almost all of his baby food.  It was mainly for the sake of saving money.  I planned to do the same when Max was small, but on the day that I tried, our blender exploded and sent shards of plastic all around the kitchen.  So much for that plan!  He was our Gerber baby. :)

We have a new blender now, so out came the bags of frozen veggies!  The boys were all excited to help.  We steamed the veggies, then tossed them into the blender with a little rice milk and some brown rice cereal.  (Why?  I don’t know!  That’s just how I do it.)  October2011 090

Alex lined up the old Gerber containers, I filled them, and Max put on the lids.  Who knew that making baby food would be a fun family activity?

October2011 091

For approximately $3, we made 14 containers of vegetables for Jensyn.  I’d say it’s worth the 30 minutes we spent on this project! 

And Jensyn?  Well, she’s glad we did it, too!

October2011 092

Tot School – Letter Ff and Fire

Alex is 3.5 years old, and Max is 25 months.

This week, we worked on the letter Ff, and we also did a fire theme using these printables.  We did two mornings (45 minutes each) of tot school, and we fit in a few random activities during the week as well.

Alex has recently discovered the he LOVES using dot markers.  He had a great time finding and stamping the Fs on this sheet!

October2011 093 Alex half-hearted worked on this color the fire hydrant page, and Max (who you can’t see…) worked on the color the ice cream cone page left over from last week.

October2011 094

Max LOVES to use any sort of matching cards.  He happily matched shapes for a long, long time!

October2011 096Alex and I played the Fight the Fire game.  (Yes, he dressed in his fireman coat to do tot school!)  We quickly discovered that it’s way to easy to win, so we made new rules.  Use a penny instead of dice, go forward one if you get heads and stay put if you get tails.  That way, you don’t win in 3 rolls :)

October2011 097

Alex loves to do pre-writing pages, although he hates for me to tell him how to hold the marker. October2011 098

Calendar time…

October2011 101

Count & Clip cardsOctober2011 103

More matching with Max.  I left one sheet of the nomenclature cards whole, and then Max matched the pictures.  Maybe some day we’ll use these for their intended purpose, but this works for now! :)

 October2011 104 October2011 105

Max drove a wooden car with dice on top. 
I’m sure there’s something educational about this, ha!

October2011 106

Alex practiced making uppercase Fs.  He doesn’t mind doing this, but he won’t make all 9 of the letter.  He only does 3, and then he’s finished.  Fine by me, as long as he practices a few times! :)

 October2011 107 October2011 108

Alex & Grace worked together VERY nicely to complete this Lauri fire truck puzzle that my sister gave us a few months ago.

October2011 117 October2011 119

We made chocolate chip banana muffins.  Yum!

October2011 120

This is the first time that Alex has tried a word building activity.  He’s been kind of resistant to this activity up until now.  He was still hesitant, but caught on quickly and really enjoyed find the letters, making the words, and sounding them out with Mommy.

 October2011 143   October2011 145

Max “matched” letters on this beginning sounds page.  He so badly wants to do what his big brother does, but (obviously) doesn’t understand yet.  He asked me often, “This go here, Mommy?”  So cute!  He only got one correct on the whole page, but he had fun trying!

October2011 144October2011 146

Yep, back to the fireman’s costume…Alex cut (with some help, but he tried…) the sorting cards.  Then without one bit of help, he sorted and glued them into the proper categories.

 October2011 148I moved the shadows and shape matching cards to the pocket chart, and Max had a great time hiding the pictures behind the shadows and shapes.  He’s VERY good at matching these!

October2011 150

I finally realized that how I word this activity makes all the difference in how Alex completes it! Alex does much better if I say, “Which one doesn’t match?” rather than “Which one is different?”

October2011 154 October2011 156

He’s so cute about saying “uppercase F, lowercase F” as he’s working on his letters. 
Nevermind that red is supposed to be the color of the week; Alex was determined to use GREEN for a lot of things!

October2011 157 October2011 158

Here are some samples of his work this week.  The color the hydrant page was half-heartedly completed, but Alex was very proud of the sorting and stamping pages.

October2011 159

I snapped this to show how we’re using the letter/number/sight word for the each week.  The one for this week is clipped on the front of the pocket.  Behind it are the cards from each previous week.  We go through the cards together each week, reviewing the letters and numbers.  He still doesn’t have a grasp on the sight words, but we’ll get there whenever he is ready for that! :)

 October2011 160

I’d really hoped to make dalmation pudding for dessert after dinner on Friday night, but it didn’t happen.  Oh well – maybe we’ll do it for lunch sometime this coming week…even if it no longer matches our theme! :)

I’ve thought for a while that Max would really enjoy working with tongs, and boy was I ever right about that.  He knew JUST what to do, and he happily filled every hole in this ice cube tray and then started over again!

October2011 167

Alex used our big pom poms to fill the muffin tin while he waited for his turn with the tongs.

October2011 168

After that, Daddy changed the rules and….uh…gave the boys a science lesson about catapults and simple machines.  Yeah.  That’s what this was! ;)

October2011 172

Then Max started throwing pompoms all around the room.  Yep.  Great educational value! ;)  They had a LOT of fun, though, messing around with Daddy…and that’s worth it!

October2011 170

You can learn more about RRSP, Preschool Corner, or Tot School by clicking on the links below.  You’ll also see what other moms are doing with their tots and preschoolers!

Tot School

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Day at the Park

We’ve had some amazingly beautiful days this month!  Considering that’s October, and it will soon be chilly & gross, we’re taking advantage of the nice weather while it lasts.

So when Keith’s Uncle Jim called to see if we’d like to go for breakfast and play at the park, while I *really* wanted to get something accomplished, it was too hard to resist!

Grandma & I took the three kids, met Uncle Jim & Cailin at Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and then headed to Lemon Lake to enjoy the beautiful day.  It’s so pretty there, but especially so at this time of year.  The trees were so gorgeous!

October2011 052October2011 059 October2011 030 October2011 035 October2011 040  October2011 045 October2011 043October2011 046 October2011 047 October2011 050 

I can’t believe I *almost* said no because I wanted to clean my house.  We would have missed out on a great time together & a beautiful day!  The mess was still here when the chilly, rainy days rolled in.  So glad we went, as we truly enjoyed this day!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I am getting backed up on blogging about family events!  I got started on that Thanksgiving pack, and I just couldn’t stop.  Expect a lot of new posts in the week to come as I work at getting caught up :)

Kyle & Jess had their fall break a few weeks back, and they asked if the could come & spend the night at our house.  We gladly said yes, as we love to have them here!

It was a crazy week leading up to this visit – sick kids, doctor visits, etc – so we scrambled to do yardwork while the weather was nice, get laundry done, attempt to tidy the house, make room for them to sleep, and grab some groceries on Saturday morning before they arrived.  (Kyle slept in Alex’s top bunk, which Alex thought was pretty special.)

Kevin & Leanne were bringing the kids and staying for lunch, so we invited Grandma & Papa to join us.  I got home from the grocery store, started the clothes dryer, made lunch, took care of kids, and then realized there was a fire in the clothes dryer.  I ran outside to tell Keith, and he was talking to our brand-new neighbor who I hadn’t even met yet.  Not wanting our new neighbor to think we were CRAZY, and knowing the fire had burned itself out, I waited until Keith had introduced me & we’d chatted for a few minutes.  THEN I told Keith about the fire, he went in to take care of the dryer, and I opened up the house to let out the stink.

Five minutes later, everyone started arriving.  How’s that for a fabulous way to welcome six guests to your house for lunch? :)

 October2011 021 October2011 022 October2011 023 October2011 025

I don’t have many pictures, but we didn’t do anything amazing – played games, hung out around the house, went to Dairy Queen, and just had a nice at-home weekend with Kyle & Jessica.  I’d thought about going to the pumpkin patch, but then realized we couldn’t fit everyone in our car!  So much for that idea!  As it was, we had to take two cars to Dairy Queen & church!

We “returned” Kyle & Jess on Sunday night (again using 2 cars) by meeting halfway at McDonalds.  This was SO nice…Kyle & Jess kept our boys at McDonalds play place for dinner while the adults (& Jensyn) went to the pizza place next door.  That’s a nice benefit to having older nephews & nieces! :)

We had a fun weekend with the kids, even though we wish they could have stayed longer & we could have done a bit more!

P.S.  We’re getting a new clothes dryer tomorrow! ;)