Friday, October 19, 2012

MFW K Unit 5 – Nn Nest

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Alex is 4 years, 9 months/Max is 37 months
We learned that “God takes good care of me.”
Our letter is Nn (nest).

Alex & I really liked “Little Squirrel’s Nest”, as it has a cute story and shows the nests of several different animals.  I loved the rhyming in “A House is a House for Me”, but Alex was a bit bored by that book.  “The Best Nest” (Datta) is fuzzy and sparkly and has a pop-up page, which Alex loved.  “The Best Nest” and “Are You My Mother?” (Eastman) made Alex giggle a whole lot!

So far, I’ve been dot-writing the numbers for Alex to trace on his 100 Chart.
On Day 28, I got scolded for doing that…Alex told me he was ready to do it on his own.
I think he did a pretty nice job writing 28 independently!
October2012 233 October2012 234
You can’t tell from this picture, but Alex LOVES this ‘months of the year’ song on YouTube. 
I often catch him singing it throughout the day!
October2012 235 
We read about Elijah and the ravens,
and we discusses how God takes care of those who love Him.
Alex did an EXCELLENT job of retelling this lesson to Daddy one night at dinner!
(There’s more to the Bible, but I feel like if I post it all here,
I’m giving away everything that is in the manual!)
October2012 183 October2012 184
salt box
October2012 190
wikki stix
October2012 236


This week, we did a handwriting page made for Alex by my friend Michelle.  She was making these for her own son, and she sweetly offered to change out the name line for Alex to have his own set.   (THANK YOU, Michelle!)

October2012 187 October2012 188
He loved coloring the birds at the top of the page, and he did a pretty good job with slightly smaller lines for his letters.  (He chose not to trace the Bible words at the bottom of the page.)
October2012 189
coloring his picture cards and decorating the envelope where they are stored
October2012 185 October2012 186
stamping the words that begin with N, crossing out the ones that begin with other letters
  October2012 208 October2012 209
fishing for letters (magnetic fishing pole & paper clips)
October2012 244
beginning letter sounds
 October2012 238   October2012 242
uppercase/lowercase letter sort
October2012 241  
drawing page
(he really can’t draw yet, but he thought of some creative words!)
October2012 248
Alex is sequencing the bird pictures in order and dictating to Mom
what I should write below each picture.  He did a great job!
October2012 245 October2012 246    October2012 250

MATH tracing 5s – remember to add the “hat” of the 5 last is tricky :)
stamping 5 nests at the bottom of the page
  October2012 205 October2012 206
Writing #1 – 5 and adding eggs (hole punch circles) to each nest
tracing pennies and nickels, writing 5 cents
October2012 240
cuisenaire rods
(rods & Cuisenaire Rod Alphabet Book available from
October2012 247October2012 249
Since the letter of the week is N, we are learning about NESTS, of course. 
We are also learning about other animals & their homes.  Alex did a simple cut & paste activity for matching each animal to its home. (the purple page on our magnet board)
October2012 203 October2012 204
paper plate birds nests with pompom birds
{read more HERE if you’re interested}
October2012 227 October2012 225
SNACKS homemade peanut-free birds nest snacks
{read more HERE if you’re interested}
  October2012 211
 October2012 213 October2012 216

(Max is 37 months)
And this is where I admit that…uh…we didn’t do school with Max this week!  Our mornings were busy, and Max was CRANKY and in need of a nap when school time rolled around each day.  He’s had a cold this week, was up on & off all night long on Wednesday night, and he really needed sleep more than “school”. 
Max DID read stories with us and do art and cooking time with us.  You can read more about our projects HERE:
October2012 210 October2012 221
He also showed me that he’s starting to recognize his numbers!  Somehow, by some random accident, his cereal took the shape of a #5 while he was eating breakfast.  He was SO excited to see it…and I was SO excited to realize that he recognized a 5! :)
October2012 201 
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Anonymous said...

What a great week! You have motivated me to get caught up with school pictures and try and take more during the week. I did post about a field trip though.. I'm slowly getting caught up!

Michelle said...

WOW!!!!! What a busy week :-) Alex did an awesome job on the handwriting paper!! His numbers are looking GREAT!!!! Channing and I argue on the correct way to write a 4....I'm trying to teach him the open ended 4 as that's what he'll be learning in Australia but he will have no part of it!

daniii♥ said...

I loveeee your fishing for letters idea! I may need to steal that one week. The birds nest with the pompom birds is adorable!

Kait said...

I absolutely love how your posts are set up and it inspires how to set up school time. So great!