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MFW K Unit 3 - Leaf

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Alex is 4 years, 9 months/Max is 37 months

We learned that “I will live and grow in Jesus”
Our letter is Ll (leaf).
 October2012 016

This is the MFW K song of the week.  We found it on YouTube so we could sing along.
October2012 017
It’s a new month, so we added a few new skills.  The boys have memorized the days of the week, so now we are working on memorizing the months of the year through song.

Alex is also working on charting the weather, using this calendar/weather page from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I love that it has traceable numbers!
October2012 066October2012 005
We are counting our school days by adding a straw to our hundreds chart each day.  This week, we made our second bundle of 10!October2012 076

We are recording Alex’s name writing at the end of each month.  He was in a grumpy mood when we did the September name.  (We’ve switched to doing school in the afternoon, now that baby sister is down to one nap most days…and Alex is getting a little sleepy by then.  It’s an adjustment!)  He can do SO MUCH better if he tries!  I’m giggling that he wrote the L twice.
October2012 013
Alex & I went outside to look at the tree we planted a few months ago.  We talked about the leaves, using the Bible lesson idea in the manual to tell the little story of a leaf that wanted to break away from the tree and be his own boss.  We talked about how the leaf must remain on the tree, just as we must remain in Jesus, in order to grow.  He was excited to tell Daddy about the naughty leaf at dinner that night!
October2012 015 
Since L is in his name, he’s pretty good at making Ls in a salt box.
October2012 014 

Weekly picture cards – he colored and cut his L cards.  We decorated his letter L envelope and placed it in his picture card box..  Later in the week, he sorted the L and M cards.
October2012 006October2012 008October2012 037
We’ve made our own larger handwriting pages for now because
Alex just isn’t ready for the smaller size of the MFW sheets.
Alex was NOT in the mood for handwriting.  He completed this page VERY half-heartedly.  I was disappointed in his lack of effort, so we may redo this sheet.
October2012 026
We made a mini book of leaf colors.  Alex *READ* and traced the color words, colored the leaves, and cut out the pages when we were finished.  Yes, he *READ* the color names!  Go Alex!  There is another page with green, brown, and tan.  This is part of the Autumn Leaves Preschool Pack.
October2012 039October2012 077 October2012 078
Beginning Sounds and Sound Discrimination
(The beginning sounds page is also from the Autumn Leaves pack.)
October2012 031 October2012 032 October2012 033 October2012 034
Letter Sound Cut & Paste – completed without any help
October2012 067 October2012 073
Alphabet Maze – follow the ABCs to get from start to finish
(Autumn Leaves pack)
October2012 011
drawing & writing words that begin with L
(I wrote each word with yellow crayon, and Alex traced.)
October2012 081 October2012 082   
Alex did this Count & Color page from the Autumn Leaves pack. 
He just counted and circled – I guess he’d had enough coloring for the day ;)
October2012 010October2012 012
This week’s MFW K page was about the number 3 and making patterns.
Alex has struggled with patterns in the past, but he caught on very quickly today!  
Writing 3s independently is still tough.  I wrote them with yellow crayon, and he traced.
October2012 070October2012 072
We added our own pattern sheet because he wasn’t ready to be finished :)October2012 075
Cuisenaire Rods
October2012 084 October2012 085
Size-Sorting Leaves (and making funny faces)
October2012 083
We’ve read lots of books about leaves.  We’ve learned how leaves use water, air, & sunshine to make plant food.  We have learned about chloropyll keeping leaves green in the summer. 
We went on a leaf walk at the park, where many of the trees have plaques labelling what type of tree it is.  We compared different varieties of leaves and named the trees.  We did a Leaf Hunt to find leaves of certain size and color. 
October2012 044 October2012 045 October2012 049 October2012 058
Leaf People
According to Alex, this is a grandma with big eyes,
a mommy with red hair, a baby, and a daddy.
October2012 064
We tried leaf rubbing, but neither boy was very interested.
Mommy did the green one.  Alex just wanted to draw grass under it.
October2012 061
October2012 086October2012 088

(Max is 37 months)
Max learned the uppercase letter L.  He traced it with a crayon, and we repeated together “I will live and grow in Jesus”.  Then we hung his page on the wall with his pages for S and M.  We reviewed all three letters and the Bible words for each unit.  I don’t expect mastery, but the review is good.  He definitely knows S!
(I don’t have these pages available to share yet; I’m making them as we go.) October2012 040
Max is grow-grow-growing and shrink-shrink-shrinking with our Bible song of the week.
        October2012 018 October2012 019 October2012 020 October2012 021 October2012 022
Shape Matching
October2012 023 October2012 024
Size Sorting
He had to work a little harder this week, but he got it right!
October2012 025 
Shadow Matching
October2012 027 October2012 028
Puzzle Cards
He did these on Sunday just for fun, and he struggled.
He did it again on Wednesday, and he did them quickly and accurately!
October2012 029 October2012 030 
Magnet Page
Max sorted the magnets by color as he worked.
October2012 036   
On our leaf hunt, Max found the BIG leaf for our checklist!
October2012 047
Max’s leaf art
October2012 062  October2012 065        
“Mom, take a picture of me!”
 October2012 087 

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Lindsay said...

Another great week! I love love love the leaf art! But my favorite thing was Alex showing Daddy his work! How fun!

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What FUN!!!!! Love all the things you guys get up to :-)