Sunday, May 1, 2011

Little Bakers Preschool Pack

Alex LOVES baking with Mommy!  I still do the messier things like cracking eggs, but Alex loves to help measure, pour, and stir.  He loves to name the ingredients that go into cookies, homemade bread, etc.
When I saw these cute graphics, I knew that Alex would get a kick out of of baking-themed week! 

Here’s an idea of what you’ll find in the pack…


Here are a few books you might enjoy reading with your tot.  Alex is very interested in Franklin books right now, so we’ll be hitting the library to find Franklin and the Cookies.  I have the other books on our shelves from my teaching days.

These are Amazon affiliate links, but I don’t really recommend buying books when you can get them for free.  If you can’t find these at your library, try a source like Paperback Swap to get your books for free!
For more activities and ideas, you can check out the Baker Theme at Making Learning Fun.

Have fun learning, playing, and baking with your preschooler(s)!


pnj said...

I just found your site through pinterest ---- This Bakers printable is by far one of the best printables I have seen on any site. I absolutly love it. My 2 little bakers (ages 3 and 4) are going to love it too. Thanks so much for sharing --- I appreciate the work that you have done

The Brown Family said...

Thanks for posting these adorable printables! My 3 and 4 year old will really get a kick out of this one! :)