Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ice Cream Tot Pack

Summer’s coming! It’s time to play outside, enjoy the warm weather, and cool off with a yummy snack! Here’s an ice cream tot pack to go along with your summertime fun.

Click on the image below to download the Ice Cream crema

I Can Do That! So Can You… posted a fun alternative to circling the picture that is different.  In THIS POST, there’s a picture of how she cut out the pictures and used manipulatives with her tot to cover the picture that is different.  I thought that was a neat idea!

We did an ice cream-themed week when Alex was 26 months old. Here are a few hands-on activities that might be fun along with the ice cream printables:

marble painting

rolling to see how many scoops to put on the cone

Don’t forget to enjoy a tasty snack, too! Try making some homemade ice cream, taking a trip to the ice cream shop, or even making ice cream cone cupcakes! YUM!

You can also find some fun ice cream themed activities at:

  • Childcareland in the free printables section (Scroll down to find “Who Took The Ice Cream”, “Ice Cream Cone Missing Shape”, and “Ten Ice Cream Scoops”)
  • Making Learning Fun (link will take you directly to the ice cream page)
  • Mrs. B at Transformations blog has a neat, simple activity on her blog for ordering scoops of ice cream from her kids.

Here are a few books you might enjoy. We found these at our local library during our last ice cream themed week, and I’d recommend doing the same to save yourself a little money. Alex LOVES Isaac The Ice Cream Truck because it has lots of vehicles along with the ice cream theme. He also adores all things Curious George, so that was a perfect pick for us!

The third book is a non-fiction book that explains how ice cream is made. We live near a dairy farm, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to take a little trip to visit the cows and get some ice cream when we’re ready to do this Tot Pack!


By the way, as I’m scheduling these posts in late March while waiting on baby#3’s arrival, I realized that I am posting THREE food units in a row.  Uh…blame that on the pregnant belly, I guess! And space these tot packs out to one food theme per month before you all blame me for the extra pounds! ;)


Anonymous said...

yum!! Looks like a very fun pack!!

Ewa said...

Great Pack as always. Thank you for sharing it with us ;-)

Justine said...

Hi! I found you through Musings of Me, and I'm sure glad that I did! I'm a new follower!

Giggly Girls said...

How fun!! I might need to take a break from our LotW stuff so we can do ice cream again. That was our favorite sensory bucket too.

Thanks for sharing!!

Virginia said...

This pack looks great, but I am VERY challenged with the program it takes you to. Would you mind emailing them to me? I just cannot figure it out.
Thanks, Virginia

jitan said...
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Jitendra said...
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Mrs. B said...

Thanks for linking to my post! I appreciate the traffic!

Kaylyn said...

I just found your cute blog and the tot packs are really cute. I am looking forward to printing a few of them off. My little ones love ice cream so I thing this will be my first one!! Thanks for putting in all the hard work to put it together.