Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tot School – Pizza

Alex is 40 months, and Max (who’s not really “tot-schooling” just yet) is 20 months.  This week for Tot School we did a pizza theme using the Pizza Tot Pack.  All of our printables for this week can be found by clicking on the tot pack link.

Alex knew what he was willing to do this week, and he also knew which activities he had no interest in doing.  It’s funny how he loves an activity one week, yet loathes it the next!

We started with the “Circle What’s Different” page, and Alex really seemed to understand it pretty well this week.

May2011 042

After that, we worked on the Count & Clip cards.  Alex loves to use the small clothespins, but I noticed on Jolanthe’s blog (Homeschool Creations) and on Michelle’s blog (Musings of Me) the suggestion to use a dry erase marker to circle the correct number.  That’s another great idea!

May2011 040

If any of you have printed and used the pizza tot pack, you might have noticed my mistake.  Um, sorry ~ I apparently forgot how to count!

May2011 041

Alex colored the chef’s hats.  Alex got a little carried away with his coloring this week!

May2011 038

May2011 039

We sorted pizza slices by size.  I think the medium and large might be a little too similar in size, as Alex kept confusing them.May2011 035

Alex saved his favorite for last…he loves to play the dice games!  (He hates to lose, so we played 3 times, as Mommy won the first two times!)  We played again later in the week, too.

May2011 034

We managed to fit in two days of tot school this week.  On the second day, we started by practicing Alex’s name.  He surprised me about a month ago.  I was guiding his hand to help him sign his name on a thank-you card, and I realized he was moving his hand without my help.  He knows how to write his name!  It’s still pretty wobbly, so we’re practicing together with a sheet I made in Microsoft Word.  (You can download elementary school tracing-style fonts for free if you do a Google search.)

May2011 048

He also BEGGED to use scissors.  Alex has no interest in cutting along lines.  He just likes to make random cuts and “confetti” out of a sheet of scrap paper.

May2011 055

Alex rolled the dice, found the correct number card, and counted out the pizzas.

May2011 049He also did the shadow matching cards, which takes him less than a minute these days…but he still enjoys it!

May2011 054And our Tiny Tot?  Well, Max explored our crayons and lined them all up in a row before dumping them on the floor. May2011 050

He rolled dice all around our kitchen table. 

May2011 037And this one made me smile – Max stacked the dice.  I wasn’t paying attention, so my little guy (who doesn’t usually say much) said, “Mommy! Dice!  Tower!”  That’s the closest he’s come to making a sentence yet!

May2011 052And that’s our week.  I’d love to say we made homemade pizza, pulled out our fun felt pizza, or did something else that’s fun and creative…but I’m just proud to say that we actually fit in two days of tot school this week ;)

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Lindsay said...

Great job!! That was way more schooling than I got in this week and I don't have a newborn!

Beth said...

LOVE your tot packs! we just finished Mm this week, but i'm definitely going to do your Pizza pack and Tools pack once we hit those letters. Love it! Thanks for sharing!