Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick Kids and Cheap Entertainment

See this picture?  It’s kind of what our life was like last week.  Kids falling asleep mid-meal, kids crying in the middle of the night because of fevers, a trip to urgent care, and kids laying around with no energy to play.  It was fun, let me tell ya ;)

I have to admit, though, that Max does look awfully cute when he’s flush-faced and sleeping on the kitchen table.

May2011 068

Mr. Mope-On-The-Couch (AKA Alex) wanted me to sit and read to him from one of his High Five magazines.  Even though we’d read this particular magazine about 50 million times (and I do believe that I have this issue memorized…), Alex suddenly noticed this curly crown page.

May2011 069

I’m probably breaking copyright laws by posting that.  Oops!  Just pretend it’s an advertisement for High Five, which is really a great magazine for three year olds.  I’d highly recommend it…and thank you, Grandma P, for the wonderful birthday gift subscription!

From his spot on the couch, he more or less barked out orders to me to go find some paper and scissors and stickers.  I couldn’t move fast enough for him!May2011 070

We made that hat together.  Then Alex chose race car stickers that were in a bag from Aunt Deb, and he had a blast narrating what the cars were doing as he placed them on his hat.

May2011 072

He’s very proud of his hat.  It goes on car rides with us, he wears it around the house, and he loves to show it off.May2011 082

These pictures crack me up because he’s string lacing beads on a rubber snake.  I never have been able to get him to string the beads on a STRING.  Actually, I’ve never been able to convince the child to string beads.  Leave it to the goofy boy to find a humorous way to work on his fine motor skills. ;)

 May2011 083 May2011 084


Kat said...

I hope everyone is feeling better!

Madlenka Lamon said...

You’re little boy is adorable! I love the hat that you guys made, and Max loved it a hundred times more than I did. He seems so happy that he created a beautiful blue hat. He is so cute! The thing I love about kids is that they get to appreciate and be proud of the simplest things. I admire your boy so much. He’s a creative little lad. Look at that! I hope you guys continue on doing fun things together. Take care!

Madlenka Lamon

Chalice Lindgren said...

Aww! Isn’t he just precious! He’s so cute and cuddly! I’m sure Alex appreciates all the time you spend with him and his brothers. They are so lucky to have a mom as loving as you! Keep up the great mom work and I do hope none of your boys get sick again. =)

Chalice Lindgren

Oskar Aarden said...

That hat is absolutely adorable! I think it’s good to teach them how to create playful pieces like this while they’re still young, as it can help fuel their creativity. How’s Alex now? I hope his health has improved since then, and that he doesn’t get that sick anymore.

Oskar Aarden

Malachi Cates said...

Little things like this can mean so much to a kid. Sometimes, organizing a recreational activity can avert his attention away from his illness. Anyway, you’re young Alex is such a beautiful boy. Best regards! =)

Malachi Cates