Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Eggstravaganza

As I’m flipping through photos, I realized that we never posted about Easter.  Oops!

We decided to do our family Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.  For one thing, Sunday mornings are busy enough.  For another thing, I’d really rather keep the Easter Morning focus on the true meaning of Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

April2011 293

(Umm, yeah…that’s my nativity…in April.  It’s been there for over 2 years now…)

April2011 294 April2011 295

Daddy & I The Easter Bunny hid the eggs after the boys went to bed on Friday night.  We also hid their baskets with a Hide & Find egg.

April2011 296

The Hide & Find egg’s batteries died before the boys found their baskets.  I guess that’s what I get for buying the things on clearance after Easter and leaving them sit for a year, right?

April2011 303

They definitely enjoyed their Easter goodies!  Grandma & Papa brought over Easter baskets for the kids shortly after this, so they were well-spoiled that day!

 April2011 305 April2011 312

Grandma P had suggested visiting the Christian camp for their Easter Eggstravanga – not just a giant egg hunt, but also inflatables, games, and a petting zoo.  The boys had a great time!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

April2011 315 April2011 319 April2011 321 April2011 322 April2011 326 April2011 330

April2011 332

Alex loved this little pony until it BIT him.  Oops!  After that, the petting zoo held no thrill.  (Don’t worry – he’s fine!) April2011 343

After 3 attempts, I gave up on getting a good picture with the Easter Bunny…

 April2011 347 April2011 348 April2011 349

Both boys were happy to go home with their balloons.  They looked so cute walking back to the car that I had to snap a picture.  Good thing – because that’s the last time we saw the balloons.  One got snagged on a bush, and the other got popped as we were getting into the car!   April2011 350

Jensyn & I were there, too.  She was in the sling and I was holding the camera, so there are no pictures of Mommy & baby.  Oh well – maybe next year! :)

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