Thursday, April 21, 2011

Proud Big Brothers

April2011 076Alex and Max are awfully proud of their baby sister!  Alex is old enough to help a bit, to hold her on his own (under supervision), and to BEG to hold her all day long!

April2011 246

Max loves to look at her, pat her head, and (unfortunately) poke his baby sister in the eye!  He head-butted Jensyn once on the day she came home, but since then, he’s been a lot calmer. April2011 224

 April2011 071  April2011 103 April2011 104 April2011 204

April2011 070April2011 222 (Why, oh why, did I have Erica cut off these beautiful curls last week?  I should have just had her trim the front…Oh, how I miss those curls!)

April2011 223

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Kat said...

So cute!!!! =)