Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Keith’s birthday was yesterday.  We spent the day at Keith’s parents house for Memorial Day.  Keith’s mom and Jessica made a fun cake for him – a drum set!May2011 107

For his birthday, he got an edger for the lawn and…finally…did something FUN for himself – he ordered an iPod Touch!  I’m so happy he finally spoiled himself – it’s been years since he bought himself something fun! 

May2011 115As for the day at Grandma & Papa’s house, we played cards, chatted, and the kids..and dads, and even Leanne for a while…played in the water in the backyard.  Leanne brought a really fun wiggly sprinkler hose.  I think it’s the cutest sprinkler I’ve ever seen!  Unfortunately Max wouldn’t go in it, and Alex said he was afraid to get his eyes wet.  They had lots of fun with water balloons, hose, water guns, and even a homemade water sprayer.  (Leanne took an empty water bottle, poked a few holes in it, and gave it to Max to squeeze because he couldn’t figure out the water guns.)

May2011 139

Some random pictures…

May2011 120 May2011 123 May2011 151May2011 126 May2011 130 May2011 145


Anonymous said...

I hope he had a great birthday! I loved the cake!!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Keith!!! What a neat cake!!!

Oh...and you will love the Ipod touch! And we should play Words with Friends ;)Ha!