Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Max & Jensyn

It occurred to me one day not long ago that Max had never held Jensyn.  When Alex was small, he *loved* to hold baby Max.  It made me wonder why Max had never pestered me to hold his baby sister.

Then I realized that he probably had no clue that he was allowed to do such a thing.  So I turned to Max right then, and I asked him, “Would you like to hold the baby?”

My sweet little guy RAN to the couch, grabbed a pillow for his lap, and held out his hands for his baby sister.  May2011 058

And I felt like a rotten mother for not even asking Max until Jensyn was 5 weeks old.  Then I grabbed for the camera to capture this special time!

May2011 062

May2011 059He just adored this time with his baby sister, and since then, Max has asked to hold his sister many times!May2011 061Of course, Alex has to supervise.  Nobody is allowed to harm “Alex’s baby”.

May2011 064

Max is good at giving Jensyn lots of kisses. May2011 067He also excitedly ran over to help with Jensyn’s bath on Saturday.

May2011 075Max may be our little tornado, but he’s got a big heart when it comes to his baby sister!


Anonymous said...

aww what a total sweetie!! So glad he slows down and takes time for his little sister!

Kat said...

That is so sweet!