Monday, May 2, 2011

Max – 20 Months

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April2011 026Well, it’s true – I said that the next time Max had a blog post, he’d be a big brother. It’s been challenging trying to find time to blog. I owe him this post, though, so here ya go, big brother! It’s your 20 month post. I’m still not sure how you’ve gotten so big!
April2011 080Oh, what a joy it is to watch Max grow. He’s a whirlwind of energy and mischief, with a few snuggles thrown in. He’s a handful, testing us every day, but knowing how to obey when he’s told.

Max still doesn’t have much use for words. He’s got a few favorite words and phrases, but Max doesn’t have a huge vocabulary. (Probably because his big brother does all the talking around here, ha ha!)

He loves to eat, but he’s becoming slightly more particular. There are some foods that he’s guaranteed to love, but others are hit or miss – one day he loves it; the next he picks at the same food.

April2011 405

For as much energy as he has, Max also has a pretty decent attention span for sitting and concentrating on a book, a TV show, or a toy. I love to watch him climb onto the couch and look through the pages of a book.

April2011 435

This boy has has Mama’s stubborn streak. (I’ll admit…) When he’s made up his mind, he’s not likely to change it. One example ~ We’re encouraging him to say “be excused” when he’s ready to leave the table after a meal. On this day, he fell asleep on the table about 20 minutes after his lunch because he was refusing to say it. (I guess he won? Hmm…)

Max loves to play outside. I hear that all the time – “’Side? ‘Side? Seeeeez?” (Translate: “Outside? Outside? Pleaaaase?” That’s tricky, with the chilly and rainy days we’ve had this spring! He loves to run around in the grass, dive headfirst down the slide, and ride the tractor and fire truck around in the driveway. If he was allowed, I’m pretty sure he’d take himself on a walk around the neighborhood, too.

April2011 143

He is such a sweetie at bedtime. He’s starting to sit through an entire bedtime story picked by Alex – some of them are long! He prays with us – although he gets wiggly. He lays down on his pillow, and he loves when Mommy sings him a bedtime song and kisses his cheek. He always goes to bed with a big grin on his face. I love it!

April2011 191

Max is completely switched to one nap a day. Both boys go to bed at around 2 PM and get up at 4 PM. (Often, Alex is awake before 4 PM, but he knows to wait quietly in bed until the clock says 4. Every once in a while, both boys are awake and giggling at about 3:45, though.)

April2011 389

Max is doing an excellent job in the toddler bed! I don’t think he’s fallen out even one time! It’s interesting having the two boys in the same room, but about 95% of the time, it’s just fine. Occasionally, they’ll talk and giggle – or even get out of bed and play. Twice, we’ve found Max out of bed and crying, with his finger stuck in the fan on the back of a computer. (It’s not dangerous as it’s not a functioning computer – long story as to why it’s in their room…but the hole is the perfect size for Max’s finger.)

He has taken a real liking to airplanes lately. He notices every one that flies overhead. He finds them in the pictures in books. He asks for them when they’re not flying overhead. He’s just in love with “ay-pleens”, as he’s currently saying it.

April2011 442

He also loves cars, trucks, trains, and BALLS. Everything is a ball to Max – apples, chicken nuggets, playdough blobs, etc. He loves to throw things – all things! He’s learning to kick a ball, and we’re teaching him and Alex to kick a soccer ball back and forth.

April2011 137

He and Alex still play nicely together many times, and I love to hear them playing choo-choos or giggling about something. They definitely have their moments (everyday…), though, when they just can’t share. When Max is angry with Alex, his scream could shatter glass and rupture eardrums. I’m sure of it. I know it’s just the way it is with brothers, but I’m hoping it will get a little better when Max chooses to speak more often!

We really do love to watch this little bundle of energy enjoying life every day. He plays hard, fights hard, and sleeps hard. He approaches life with lots of energy and excitement, and those are pretty admirable traits. Now, to harness that energy and excitement…that’s another story! ;)

We love you, Max! Happy 20 Months!

April2011 115

Word List -

    • upp-pye (Up High – he loves for things to be up high)

    • dottsy (tractor, truck, etc)

    • ay-pleen (airplane)

    • bye-bye

    • Daddy

    • Ah-leex (Alex)

    • Bobby (Mommy)

    • Bobba (Grandma)

    • Boppa (Papa/Grandpa)

    • Hi! (always with great enthusiasm)

    • eat

    • seez (please)

    • up

    • hep (help)

    • ‘eep seez (help, please –or- up, please)

    • bopper (diaper)

    • see? (when showing us something)

    • zee zoo (thank you)

    • dee, dee, dee, DOH! (3,2,1, Go!)

    • digh-dight (nigh-night)

    • baby

    • ball

    • uh-oh (used VERY often lately!)

    • doddy (dog)

    • boo (moo, for cow)

    • bee-dee (birdy)

    • ish or ush (fish)

    • beep (cars, timers, microwaves…)

    • Amen! (and he folds his hands to pray, too cute!)

    • up, up, UP!

    • down

    • uh-huh (instead of yes)

    • uh-uh (instead of no)

    • ah-dee (all done)

    • dooce (juice)

    • bup (cup)

    • ‘side (outside)

    • upsayeez (upstairs)

    • Beee? (be excused)

    • Oh-poo (open)

    • eep-tee (empty)

    • fook (fork)

He has a lot of other words that get used occasionally, but I can’t think of all of them. At least the list is growing a little every month. He’s getting there!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! Max sounds a lot like Sammy! I loved reading all of his words!