Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jensyn’s First Bath

April2011 430
Jensyn had her first tub bath last week.  I asked the boys if they wanted to help.  Max said, “Uh uh.”  Then he went right back to playing.  Alex, however, was very excited to give his baby sister her first bath.
April2011 428April2011 434  
Uh, I probably should have strategically placed a washcloth.  Might have to edit these pics and blur out certain parts…

Alex was so proud, and he’s been asking to give her a bath every day since then.  He’s such a sweet big brother!

For comparison, here are the boys’ first bath pictures:
MaxSeptember2009 123


Anonymous said...

oo the first bath.. that looks much less stressful than our first one w/ Sammy! What a sweet big brother!

Kat said...

Alex is so sweet with her!!! So precious!!! <3