Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Sunday

We’d read the Easter story and talked about it on Saturday night before bed, so we were able to remind Alex on Easter morning that we were celebrating because Jesus is Alive!

I have no pictures from home or church.  After church, we headed north to Grandma & Grandpa S and the rest of the family.  We had lunch, my sister Diane’s family and a few other family members got to meet Jensyn, and we enjoyed the annual “candy scramble”.

My parents buy candy, it gets spread out all over the backyard, and the cousins go crazy trying to grab as much as they can.  It’s even more fun now that many of the kids are old enough to entertain while they grab candy.April2011 360

Our boys are the littlest, so they get a head start before the rest of the gang heads out.

April2011 358 April2011 356 April2011 357 April2011 359  April2011 363 April2011 364

I didn’t take many pictures this year, but it was a fun day!

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