Monday, May 2, 2011

Tot School

Alex is 40 months old, and Max is 20 months…but we’re not officially doing Tot School with Max just yet! :)

Tot School is a rather sporadic activity in our house these past few weeks.  Honestly, it probably has more to do with my organizational skills than about the newborn in our family.  We’ve got enough stuff organized that we could do Tot School for the next 6 weeks without any prep work on my part.  I just haven’t made it a priority to sit down with Alex and do it regularly.  Soon…I have to get back at it soon!

Here’s what we’ve done in the past 2 weeks:

We read the Easter story from our children’s Bible, and then we talked about how Jesus is called the Lamb of God.  Alex colored the Lamb’s Bows on a page from our Easter tot pack.  We also did a few other pages from this packet, but didn’t take any pictures.

Alex quoted the Bible verse to me afterwards in his own way: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the WIFE.”

April2011 353Max colored random scribbles on a sheet of paper while “pretending” to participate :) 

April2011 355

The boys got little foam capsules in their Easter eggs, so we had fun placing them in warm water to see what happened.  We also used the chart on the package to guess which forms of transportation would be in each capsule.  Later, Alex and I sorted them into two groups: land and sea. April2011 391 April2011 393Alex says that keeping his hood up keeps the monsters from getting him.  I don’t even know how he knows about monsters, but whatever makes him happy… ;)

April2011 394

They also received hatching eggs in their Easter baskets.  These had to set in water for several days before they hatched, revealing cute little animals.

 April2011 398 April2011 399

Peeling the remaining shells and finding their animals:

 April2011 402April2011 400

Max is grinning up at Daddy…

April2011 401Roll A Kite game from Confessions of A Homeschooler’s Letter of Week K week:

 April2011 414 April2011 415

Letter Jumble from Musings of Me’s Spring pack:

April2011 416 He is getting so FAST at this activity!

April2011 417

Prewriting page from Musings of Me’s spring pack…

Alex has no desire to hold a pen/pencil correctly.  I hate to have him develop bad habits, but I hate to push him at a skill he’s not ready for yet, either.  Sigh.  (Any advice?)

April2011 418 April2011 419

Coloring the umbrellas – also from Musing of Me’s spring pack

April2011 420 April2011 421And there you have it – about an hour total of Tot School-ish activities in two weeks.  Yep.  Time to get myself in gear! :)

To see what other tots are doing, be sure to visit the Tot School page by using the link in the sidebar of my blog.   Have a great week!


Tiff said...

My kids love those capsules! Looks like a lot of fun!=) Stopping by from Tot School.

Stephanie said...

I have been meaning to get one of those pencil grips that are supposed to help with correct form when holding the pencils. My little ones go back and forth between doing it right and doing it their own way :)

Anonymous said...

Looks you have done a wonderful job in the past two weeks. Sammy still doesnt care for holding a writing implement correctly. However if I give him a broken crayon he will hold it correctly. You could try that with Alex.

jess_hak said...

Fun! We just did those exact capsules this last week with our Transportation theme. I was going to have them sponge paint with them.....but they have oddly disappeared since we took them out of the water. lol