Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jensyn’s Baby Dedication

This was a weekend of many emotions.  On Saturday, we went to Canaan’s funeral.  On Sunday, we had our baby girl dedicated at church and celebrated our little boy’s 2nd birthday. 

Lately, we’ve had many reminders of why we should never, ever take these little ones for granted.  Thank you, Lord, for  the blessing of three healthy, vibrant children!  They are truly a gift from You!

We’re also blessed to have amazing extended family.  We filled three rows of seats at church with family who came to watch as Jensyn (and three other babies ~ Luke, Ben, and Angel) were dedicated at church on Sunday morning.

The picture isn’t very clear.  I know that my sister has better images on her camera, so I’ll have to ask her to send me her pictures!

August2011 043

There’s no specific “dress code” for a baby dedication, but the dress that Jensyn wore is very special.  This dress was worn by my three sisters and by me when we were babies.  We were baptized as infants, and this is the dress that each of us (and most of my nieces) wore.  August2011 066

My mom sewed a new pink slip for Jensyn to wear underneath, and she said that she’s pretty sure I wore it with a pink slip, too.  I really should dig through my box of baby pictures so I can scan & post it, but there are pictures of each of us wearing this dress with the skirt fanned out like this.

August2011 065

Do you see that cute little tongue peeking out? 
It’s Jensyn latest fascination – her tongue!  August2011 068  Jessica made this pretty cross cake in honor of Jensyn.  Didn’t she do a terrific job?
Thank you, Jess!  We really appreciate your hard work!

August2011 137

Cousin Cailin loved the opportunity to cuddle Jensyn.  I’m pretty sure Cailin thinks of Jensyn as a real, live baby doll! :)

August2011 111

We had a crowd of close to 40 family members at our house after church to celebrate Jensyn’s dedication and Max’s birthday.  There’s something pretty special about having so many family members who care so much!


Anonymous said...

What a great weekend!! We do dedications at our church as well! She looks so beautiful in her dress! Well in anything.. but you know what I mean!

Susie said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friends baby. I can't even imagine. God has a plan for each child and they are only ours for a little while, so it's great you realize that too and dedicating baby Jensyn to the Lord, there is no better way to start her life out than in His arms! She is so so so cute! What a blessing to have a big wonderful family to support you in raising your children for the Lord! And Jessica did a fabulous job with the cake!

Marlynn said...

How neat that you have all worn the same dress! So special! Isn't family support so wonderful, I don't know what I do without family.

Sorry to hear about baby Canaan. Makes me very grateful for my three healthy children and everyday I get to spend with them.

Kat said...

How neat that Jensyn got to use the dress as well! I love family traditions like that!

It was so nice to have so much of your family at church! I'm not sure who the gentleman right behind me was, but I really enjoyed hearing him sing and praise!!!! :)

The cake was beautiful!!! She did a fabulous job!