Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Max – Two Years

July2011 280We saw Dr. Brewer on Monday for Max’s 2 year visit.
Just a quick reminder for myself of Max’s stats at 2 years old…

24 lb

34” tall

  July2011 282

I was so proud of Max for being a brave little boy.  We’d been sitting in the waiting room for quite a while, and Jensyn needed to nurse.  I tried to hold her off, but eventually, she ran out of patience and I fed her.  Of course,  that’s when we got called back for Max’s appointment.  The nurse (who we see EVERY time we’re there, so she’s familiar and trusted person) took it in stride, took Max’s hand, and went to weigh and measure him.  He bravely went all by himself until Mommy & the other kids could join him!

Max had the nasal flu vaccine…poor kid didn’t know what was coming, and he jumped a bit.  He didn’t seem to mind it, though.  I remember Alex hating it last year and saying he’d rather have a shot!  (Alex & Jensyn will be getting flu vaccines at Jensyn’s 6 month visit in October.)

We talked a little about Max’s speech and vocabulary.  She said he should have a vocabulary of at least 50 words, and at least 50% of what he says should be understood by most people.  He knows way more than 100 words; his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds lately!  Since he only uses a handful of consonant sounds, though, understanding him is a bit of a challenge!  So, we’ll give it some time.  Hopefully he’ll improve in the next 6 months or so!

July2011 284

We’re also trying Activia yogurt to help Max’s digestive system.  It’s a good thing he likes yogurt.  So far, he’s devouring the stuff :)

And that’s about it.  He’s happy, healthy, full of energy and mischief…and he’s got a clean bill of health.  I wish that meant we didn’t have to go back until he turns 3, but knowing my children, he’ll be back for an ear infection or two this winter!


Anonymous said...

yay Max!! That is really tall I feel like! I just measured Sammy again the other day (to make sure he still fit into his car seats) and he is only 40" and he turned 4 in April!

Kat said...

Wow he is so brave!!! I can't picture Skylar going in without me!