Saturday, August 27, 2011

Branson, part 3

The reason this whole trip happened was that Keith’s parents wanted to take Kyle & Jessica to see Sight & Sound Theatre’s show “Noah”.   Well, Keith & I really enjoy Sight & Sound performances.  We’ve been to the Pennsylvania theater twice, so when Keith heard that his parents were going to the Branson theater, he commented that he’d like to go along.  Kevin & Leanne said that they were interested, too.  Suddenly, a small trip turned into a big family event.  We’re so glad! :)

If you’ve never heard of Sight & Sound Theatre, you’re missing out.  These musicals are retellings of familiar Bible stories, and they are AMAZING.  They are so real, you almost feel as if you’re in the story as it’s happening.  The costumes and sets are beautiful, there are live animals, and the actors are excellent.  There’s nothing low budget about these productions.  

Kevin, Leanne, Keith & I went to the afternoon production while Keith’s parents watched all of the grandkids.  Then we swapped out the little kids while Keith’s parents took Kyle & Jessica to the evening performance.  Later in the week, we went back (with our kids) to do the Behind The Scenes tour of the theatre.

You can’t take pictures at the shows, but we got just a few pictures when we took the backstage tour.  Kyle was chosen to try on a costume and show how the actors do their “quick changes”.

 July2011 203 My boys liked this replica of the theater stage…

July2011 205

This was not my idea, and I wasn’t too fond of the idea…but Keith took Alex on a wave runner for the first time.  It ended up being a great experience for him, but it sure made me nervous!

Kevin told me when they got back to the condo that there was NO WAY Keith could convince me he took it easy on Alex.  Just take a look at that c-r-a-z-y hair on my boy! It’s standing straight up in the air!

DSCF5151 DSCF5152 DSCF5153 DSCF5155

My boys discovered RideMakerz, a shop at Branson Landing.  The best way to describe it is to say it’s kind of like Build A Bear Workshop, but you build a car instead.  It’s not cheap, and we almost didn’t do it.  Then Leanne gave us a coupon card for a really nice discount…and that did it!  We returned the next day, and each of our kids built their own car.  Alex put together Mater, and Max made a Lightning McQueen.  You put it together yourself (with the help of an employee) and then add magnetic pieces and sound chips.  You can make a monster truck/car or turn it into a remote control vehicle, but we just kept it simple.

 July2011 209 July2011 210 July2011 211 July2011 214

The boys were SO proud of their cars that they HAD to carry the boxes themselves!

July2011 219

As were were heading home, we stopped off in Rolla to meet up with a scrapbook friend of mine.  We had lunch at Applebee’s with Lizzy before heading on to St. Louis for the night.  (Duh!  I forgot to take off my nursing blanket before Keith took the picture…)

July2011 220

We stayed in the same hotel on the way down to Branson and on the way home.  The boys really enjoyed the pool.  This was Jensyn first time in the water, and she liked it as long as we held her close.

 July2011 221 July2011 230 July2011 232 July2011 236July2011 234 July2011 235


Michelle said...

What a FUN trip!! We recently took all the big boys to see Joseph at Sight and was the best one I've seen!!! Totally LOVE that place!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I love that car shop! Sammy would have loved that!

Kat said...

Those shows sound so neat! I bet Sami would love it!!! She knows a thing or two about quick changes...she had one during Sleeping Beauty. Sadly she wasn't too quick, and totally missed the first half of one of her scenes. Oops! Ha!

I can't believe you let Alex go on the wave runner!!! It looks like he loved it though!!!! :D