Saturday, August 6, 2011

VBS 2011

Our church did a really fun “Kickin’ It Old School” VBS this year.  It’s the first year that Alex is old enough to attend, and he was so excited! 

They offered t-shirts, and Alex couldn’t wait for the first day of VBS to wear his.  He begged every day for a week to wear that shirt!

We invited Grace to come, so Alex was excited to spend the week with his friend!  (Notice the car in front of Alex – I think he can’t go anywhere without a car!)    July2011 080Although he really seemed to enjoy himself, and he gladly went the first two nights, the poor kiddo panicked and cried on nights 3 – 5.  I was doing registration, so I’d drop him off with his teachers while he cried, then I’d hurry to him as soon as registration ended.  If I stayed with him for a bit, the tears went away and he had fun.

I know that Alex isn’t scared to go to class – he does it every Sunday. I think he was upset because we’d invited our neighbor boy, and he was only able to come one night.  Once he found out that Preston wasn’t coming back, Alex didn’t want to go either.  Between that and an evening VBS that kept him up past his bedtime, Alex was just overwhelmed.  Poor kiddo!

Here they are playing Duck, Duck, Goose.  Alex loved watching, but he refused to run when he got picked.  Silly boy!July2011 082  

The kids wore nametags strung on lanyards, and Alex had a very strange attachment to his.  They are supposed to give their nametag to the teachers at the end of each evening.  Alex, my normally sweet and compliant child, refused.  I had to pry it out of his hands and return it each evening!

July2011 085Max spent the week in the nursery, where he had a lot of fun.  Jensyn mainly hung out with Mama, although she spent a little time in nursery while I was at the registration table and she got passed around a bit from time to time, too.

July2011 077

I think this year’s theme was my favorite VBS theme in a very long time.  The music was so much fun, the stories and lessons were great, and the all of the kids really seemed excited about the whole thing. 

There were over 100 kids attending every night, which is the highest attendance we’ve had in many years!   Usually, we’ll have a night…maybe two…when we break 100, but God sent us over 100 kids every night this year!

Alex still loves to play the CD in the car, and we listen the music several times a week…so I guess he’s not totally traumatized by VBS! ;)

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Anonymous said...

What a fun VBS!! Sammy usually gets overwelmed for days 3 and 4.. the 5th day I can tell him its the last day and he needs to enjoy it and hes fine.. Our church however doesn't have a VBS so we go to a different church which I am sure adds to the anxiety of it!