Friday, August 26, 2011

Branson, part 2

A second go-cart and arcade trip on another day…

July2011 184

July2011 197

July2011 195

Dinner at Lambert’s, home of the “throwed roll”…

July2011 107 July2011 108 July2011 109

 July2011 110 

Dinner at Hard Luck Cafe…

 July2011 167 July2011 168

July2011 170

Hanging out at the condo…  

July2011 163

We spent some nice evenings down by the pool, but Papa is the one who thought to bring the camera down one night.  He got a couple cute pictures of the grandkids.

Max had a love-hate relationship with the water.  Sometimes, he was very brave.  Other times, we could barely get him in the water.  He loved jumping in, and if you were lucky, you got warning before he dove at you! ;)

Branson vac 2011 119 The four biggest grandkids…

Branson vac 2011 116


Anonymous said...

What a fun trip.. that go cart track looks pretty impressive!

Kat said...

Skylar is the same way with the water! Sami was always a fish, so her hesitation is refreshing! Ha!

Your trip looks like it was so much fun!!!!