Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alex’s First Movie

Last month, Alex went on a special date with Mommy and Daddy.  As the biggest boy in the house, he gets asked to do a lot of things independently now.  We thought he might enjoy a little one-on-one time with us, and we knew just the place to take him!

Alex is a HUGE fan of the movie Cars.  He loves to play and imagine with his little hotwheel-sized Cars vehicles.  He could sit at the counter & play with those all day long!

He was pretty excited to find out that we were taking him to the movie theater to see Cars 2.  For days, he asked me what seats we would sit in!

Well, the day came, Grandma & Papa babysat the little ones, and we headed out for our date.

July2011 063

We got our tickets, found our seats, and settled in for the show.  We got a booster seat for Alex because he couldn’t keep the seat down without it! :)

July2011 064 July2011 065

He enjoyed the movie, but he did get a little antsy as the show went on.  He stood, sat, climbed around, and wondered when it would be over. 

He also got a little scared of the “bad guys” a few times, and he told me he was ready to go home.  We stuck it out, and he has been adding the new characters into his creative play at home now!  (Even though we don’t have any of the Cars 2 toys yet…)

Afterwards, we made sure that Jensyn was still doing okay with the grandparents.  When we found out she was just fine, we made a little stop at Target for another treat for Alex – new crocs to replace the ones he’d outgrown.  I don’t have a picture, but he chose green crocodile crocs.  They’re so cute!

We let Alex choose a restaurant for dinner.   He picked Red Robin!  Can you see that he’s giving a thumbs-up just like the Robin is? :)

July2011 069July2011 066 

Alex was happy to leave, balloon in hand, and head for home.  It didn’t take long before he conked out & slept with his balloon.  A long afternoon with Mommy & Daddy wore him out!

July2011 070 July2011 071

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us, little man!  I hope we get to have many more dates in the future!

P.S. The car floor has now been vacuumed ;)


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!! Looks like he had a great time!! :-) Sammy loved the movie too :-)

Kat said...

What a fun day!!!!