Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Visit With Miss Sara

I lived and taught second grade in Wisconsin for 4 years.  While I was there, I worked with Sara – who taught junior high.  We lived in apartments right across the parking lot from each other, worked together every day, and spent free time together, too.July2011 075

We don’t see each other often enough now that I’ve moved away.  In fact, Max was a baby the last time we saw each other!

She was in the area a few weeks ago, and asked if she could come spend the afternoon with us.  She & I chatted while the kids napped, and then we went to Subway for dinner.

July2011 076

Alex had his shy moments with her, of course.  He was very excited that “Miss Say-wa” was coming to visit, but he didn’t want to say a word to her for quite a while.  He ended up loosening up a bit during supper!

July2011 073July2011 074

It wasn’t a long enough visit, of course, but it sure was good to see her again!  I think we’ll probably try to get to Wisconsin some weekend this fall/early winter to visit with her for the day.  I’m not brave enough to make the trip alone with three small children just yet….just thinking about unbuckling and hauling three kids in for a potty stop or diaper change is enough to make me crazy! ;)

Thanks for the visit, Sara!  We’re sure glad you were able to come for the afternoon!  Don’t worry – I didn’t forget: I’m e-mailing you the pictures as soon as I finish typing this sentence :)


Anonymous said...

Yay glad you were able to get together! :-)

Marlynn said...

Its so nice to be able to catch up with someone you use to see all the time.