Thursday, August 25, 2011

Max’s Airplane Party

Max’s party and Jensyn’s baby dedication were held on the same day.  My family was having a reunion this weekend, so it was great timing for the out of town family to be included in our special events!

Normally, I wouldn’t share the invitation & decorating ideas, but I had a request from a reader who’s planning to have an airplane party for her son.  She specifically asked me to post this, so scroll right past it if you want to see party pictures! :)

I designed this invitation in Photoshop, using the same graphics that were used to create the airplane tot pack. The idea for this invitation came from some invitations I found on Pinterest and Google Image searches.  Since I already had graphics, it was fun to design my own.  (The airline name in the top left corner is our last name, and the terminal information is our address & phone number.)

max2birthday Beyond that, I kept things pretty simple. I’m not a “go all out” kind of person.  We did make a few fun things, but don’t expect greatness!

This birthday pennant is made from cardstock triangles tied together with curling ribbon.  The middle pieces, if you can’t read it, say Happy Birthday Max and have a border of small stars.

August2011 058

I printed and laminated a few airplanes (double sided) to hang over the tables.

August2011 056August2011 055

August2011 057

Using an ADORABLE idea from Pinterest, we made candy airplanes for the kids…

The Pinterest ones are made with Push Pops.   If you click on the yellow/white airplane picture, it will take you to a page with all sorts of cute ideas that this mom used for her little boy’s airplane party.   That party is MUCH more amazing than anything I would do!

We made ours with M&M minis, as the containers are the same size.  I think the clip on the push pops really helps keep the airplane wheels straight, but hey…you can’t go wrong with chocolate! ;)

The yellow/white striped ones are from pinterest.  Ours are on the right, and the airplane wings say “Max Is Two”.

August2011 040

Grandma P made this adorable sky cake for us.  Thank you SO much!  It’s a lot simpler than most of the cakes she makes, but that was at my request.  I simply wanted an airplane flying in the cloud-filled sky.  The cake topped has the number 2 on the plane, and the banner flying behind it says “Happy Birthday Max”.  The airplane candle holders are from our local grocery store.

August2011 124

August2011 117

August2011 126

August2011 131

I love how Max was peeking through under the airplane!

August2011 130

For food, we didn’t really stick to an airplane theme.  (Well, cousin Kathryn brought a jar of peanuts to share…)  We had mostaciolli, garlic bread, strawberry lettuce salad, blue-sky colored jello, pigs in a blanket, pickled cucumbers, cake, and ice cream.  Our families are so great in helping out with the food, and I appreciate it more than they will ever know.  Thank you, family!

August2011 063

Now, for the random smattering of party pictures….

It’s a good thing that Max is completely captivated by airplanes.  Max received lots and lots and LOTS of new airplane toys.  I think we’re going to need a new toy bin just for all of his airplanes!

August2011 072 August2011 077

He also received an airplane cup, airplane shirt and other clothes, a Chugginton book, a steering wheel for our playset, Jeremy the Jet plane airport st, a basketball hoop, wooden Cars toys, a pull-back Lightning McQueen, a Cars flashlight, a bean bag chair, a little toy four wheeler, and a Cars ball.

August2011 084

Jensyn received a few special girls, too.  Grandma S gave Jensyn her first baby doll, and Jessica wanted Jensyn to have this Cornjerkers onesie.  (Fear the Ear, Jess!)

 August2011 103 August2011 105         

Max barely touched his cake, but he sure enjoyed eating the icing that was piped around the edges of the cake.  Grandma P told me later that he ate most of the clouds off of the cake, too!   Oh well ~ it was his cake, right?

August2011 138August2011 142 August2011 143     August2011 050      August2011 070

After all of our guests headed home, both of the boys had to try out all of Max’s new toys.  
They drilled airplanes, played basketball, zoomed cars, and had lots of fun.

August2011 146August2011 150

After 3 days in a row with no nap, this little man couldn’t even make it through dinner.  He ate the tortilla from his taco, and he was guiding some spanish rice to his mouth when he couldn’t take it any more.  His little head was on the table, rice in hand, and he was sound asleep.  So cute!

August2011 152

We hope you enjoyed your airplane party, little man.  Happy Two!


Marlynn said...

He had a good day...look at how it wore him out! Priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! I love your decorations!

Kat said...

What an original party!!!! Happy Birthday Max!