Friday, August 12, 2011

Praying for Canaan

I sat down with plans to blog about our vacation to Branson, but I just can’t do it right now.  Instead, I’m again asking for prayers for sweet little Canaan.

Please, please pray for a miracle for this baby and his family.

It’s heartbreaking to see this baby going through so much, and reading his mom’s words just brings me to tears.  Please hold him in your prayers, & feel free to comment on their blog and let them know you’re praying. 

From their blog, written by Canaan’s mom, Julie:

I am actively working at every moment to fight back tears and feel sick to my stomach all the time and John as well. I was watching videos of Canaan that I had taken on my iPhone and I couldn’t take it I wanted to jump through the phone and just grab him. I bought him some new clothes to wear here and they sit there with the tags on them and I am nervous to even think about purchasing anything else for him because I don’t even know if he will come home with us. Never in a million years did I ever think I wouldn’t be bringing my precious baby boy home I had come to terms with living in and out of hospitals for a few years but NEVER did I imagine it would get to this point and I don’t like it. I know God can heal our baby so why isn’t he doing it, please please heal Canaan Lord please we beg you!


Anonymous said...

ohh my heart just hearts for them! I will be praying for him and the family!

Unknown said...

I am so sad for this family. I hope Heavenly Father will give them enough time that they will be able to accept His will, instead of telling Him what the outcome should be. Maybe this child has only been sent for a short time, to get his body, and his family, teach a few lessons, and go home to his Father in Heaven. I will continue to pray for them. Jennifer