Monday, August 29, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa time/Freezer Corn Day

Jensyn had her 4 month well-baby visit a few weeks ago, and afterwards we went grocery shopping and out for lunch with Grandma & Grandpa S. 

Mom and I shopped with Jensyn while Dad took the boys to visit the toy department.  Afterwards, he took the boys up front for rides on the Sandy, the penny horse. August2011 001 August2011 003  Jensyn at Alex’s “fave-wit westawant”…August2011 008

We also had our annual corn day at my parents’ house.  31 dozen ears of corn shucked, washed, cooked, blanched, bagged, and frozen.  That’s a LOT of corn!  (105 two cup bags and 3 eight cup bags)  It’s an exhausting day, but it’s also very fun to have this time to chat and hang out with the family!

 August2011 023 August2011 025 August2011 029 August2011 030 August2011 031

Jensyn & I went home that night, but the boys stayed to spend a few days with Grandma & Grandpa.  Grandpa shared these pictures with me of chocolate pancakes and sleepy kiddos…

August2011 032 August2011 033 August2011 034

August2011 035

Thanks for lovin’ on our kiddos! :)


Anonymous said...

What fun! The corn day sounds like a ton of work but a lot of fun!

Marlynn said...

Oh ya...4 mnth appt...blah...I'm sick of doctors. Better get my girl scheduled.

Our corn has been devoured by Raccoons. I guess that Means I don't have to put it up? Oh well....

Kat said...

Oh wow that is a LOT of corn!!!! I bet it is so nice to have it through out the year though! :)