Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frog Tot School

Alex is 4.5, Max is 2.5

We used our own “Frogs In A Pond” preschool pack, which was so fun to make!    It’s available for free at Teacher Notebook.  (There are some sheets here that are not part of the pack, like the half-size magnet page and the playdough mat.  It’s a few extras that I had from a pack that I designed for a private homeschool group.)

Here’s Max working on the magnet page, using homemade
green playdough to cover all the dots. 

May2012 099May2012 098

We also made playdough into “ropes” to cover the F and f.  
It’s probably pretty obvious that I  helped Alex with the uppercase F.

May2012 096 May2012 097 

bingo daubers…

 May2012 074 May2012 075

Find & Stamp the Fs and fs in the pond.

May2012 077 May2012 078

Handwriting, Letter F
(I think that the other version of the handwriting page is included in the free pack;
this version is for the private pack that I made.)

May2012 079

cutting out Fs to sort by uppercase/lowercase
Even Max loves this activity!

May2012 080 May2012 082

cutting, counting, and gluing the correct numbers on the “How Many” page

May2012 081  May2012 085

using a marker to follow the path & prewriting page
(same basic skill, different ways of practicing)

May2012 083 May2012 084  May2012 086

Pouting about shadow matching…
I guess the “chapstick” (glue stick) honeymoon is over! ;)

May2012 087 May2012 088

Circling what’s different

May2012 089 May2012 090

Playing the Leapin’ Lily Pads game…
they LOVED this game!

May2012 091 May2012 092 

  May2012 095

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Anonymous said...

You my friend are an amazing printable making machine!! Looks like fun! Sammy is all about games :-)