Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

Our new neighbors (Joe & Kathie) love to camp, and they were telling us how much they love Prophetstown State Park.  We decided to give it a try for Memorial Day weekend, and we found that they are absolutely right ~ it’s a great park, pretty area, LOTS to do in the Lafayette area…an all-around great place to camp!

We had a few little obstacles (like kids with tummy troubles, seriously hot weather, and a fridge that wasn’t cooling properly leaving us with spoiled meat) but overall, we had a very good weekend!

The boys were SO excited to go camping for the first time this year!  They obviously both remembered camping in the past, and they were crazy-excited to go again!May2012 145

It’s SO much work camping with little ones, but it’s so very worthwhile.  I love how we’re able to spend so much quality time together while camping!May2012 146

Jensyn has no recollection of camping last year, but she sure loved it this year!

May2012 142May2012 144May2012 149     May2012 147 May2012 148

May2012 172There’s a working 1920s farm at Prophetstown.  You can tour the farmhouse and the barns.  The farmhouse has lots of hands-on things for kids ~ trying out the old-fashioned carpet sweeper, using a handmade fly swatter, trying out a (needle-less) sewing machine, playing with old-fashioned toys, etc.

May2012 159 May2012 160May2012 161May2012 162May2012 164May2012 165May2012 166

May2012 167May2012 168

a pedal-powered player piano ~ it was a lot of fun to try it out!

May2012 169May2012 171

The boys enjoyed the house, but they LOVED the tractors and animals.  Jensyn went nuts over the chickens and kittens.  She got all excited to pet the kitties!

  May2012 174  May2012 177 May2012 179 May2012 180 May2012 181 May2012 182

There’s also a (very small) Native American village.  We took a wagon ride to the village to check it out.  There are only a few old buildings there, but the tour guide was able to share some neat facts about the history of the village.  The fact I found most interesting is that these Native Americans were killed because “The Prophet” told them that they would be immune to the white man’s bullets.

May2012 183 May2012 184 May2012 185

We haven’t had a casual family picture in forever!  We were all hot & sticky, but hey…we were stuck on the wagon ride for 15 minutes, so we might as well use the time wisely ;)

 May2012 187May2012 186 

Thank goodness for a/c in the camper!  It was around 95 degrees all weekend!  We spent an hour or two in the camper for naps/quiet time during the hottest part of each afternoon.

May2012 189 May2012 190

My neighbor April bring a small pool for their kids when they go camping.  I thought that was a bit silly, but knowing the weather forecast we decided to give it a try. This was a big hit with our kids! (Jensyn kept grabbing gravel and tossing it in the pool, though.)

May2012 191 May2012 192 May2012 193 May2012 194 May2012 195 May2012 196 May2012 197 May2012 198

The kids loved the beautiful playground at Prophetstown. 

Everything is clean and new, and it’s really big!

May2012 199 May2012 201 May2012 203 May2012 204

I didn’t get any pictures of her, but Alex made a new little friend named Sara. 
He and Sara had a LOT of fun chasing each other around the playsets!

May2012 205

May2012 206

Jensyn tried the baby swings, and then she just crawled around and entertained herself.May2012 207

We went back to the farm a second time…

May2012 208 May2012 209 May2012 210 May2012 211 May2012 212 May2012 214 May2012 215

We visited Tropicanoe Cove waterpark in Lafayette to cool off, since there’s no pool or lake at the campground.  Alex called it “Terrific Canoe” waterpark ;)

It’s a decent sized waterpark, and it has a big splash and play area for the little ones.   We were shocked that it only cost $20 for our whole family!

Alex played there for a bit, and then Daddy took him to the deep water.  I stayed in the splash area with Max & Jensyn.  Jensyn loved to just crawl in the shallow water; Max went on the same little dolphin slide again and again and again…

We just tried for one good picture, and then we put the camera way to enjoy the afternoon.  As those of you with little ones know, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make three children look in the same direction at the same time.

 May2012 216

May2012 217 May2012 218

All three kids enjoyed just playing at our campsite.

May2012 219 May2012 220

Digging in the dirt with sticks…you’d think this girl had big brothers ;)

May2012 225

check out that grass and gravel-covered diaper.  She explored EVERYTHING!
I’m pretty sure she tried to eat everything, too ~ gravel, clover flowers, etc.

May2012 230May2012 227

We bought a new canopy/clothes drying rack. 
Unfortunately, the shade was never actually UNDER the canopy! ;)

May2012 221 May2012 222 May2012 223    May2012 231

Even at night, it was HOT with a campfire!  The kids still loved roasting marshmallows, though.  Jensyn had her first gooey, melty marshmallow, and she LOVED it and squealed for more.  It was getting dark, but I attempted pictures.     I love string of gooey marshmallow between her & Max.

  May2012 154

 May2012 150 May2012 151 May2012 152  

We also roasted hot dogs, made pudgy pies, had sandwiches, and made yummy breakfasts each morning.  Unfortunately, due to spoiled meat, we did NOT get to make hamburgers or pork chops.  Instead, we visited the local Burger King and Subway…but we appreciated the a/c and icy cold drinks! ;)

Just a few more pictures of our spunky little girl exploring the camper:

May2012 156 May2012 157 May2012 158

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