Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Firefighter Tot School

Alex is 4.5, Max is 2.5

This week, Alex chose to work on fire fighter tot school.  I created a few new pages to use with our work, and we also used a few from Homeschool Creations’ Firemen Printable Pack.  I’ll be adding our new pages to Little Monkey Printables firefighter pack sometime in the next week or two.

All three kiddos had a lot of fun working with the four part puzzles.

May2012 106 May2012 107

May2012 128May2012 127 

Max enjoyed shadow matching.

May2012 108

Both 4 year olds did a great job with the beginning sounds page from Homeschool Creations’ pack. May2012 109

Max matched shapes. May2012 110May2012 112 







Alex worked on finishing the patterns.  This is still a tricky concept for him.  We’d put it away for several months, and I can see he is still not quite ready for it.

May2012 111  May2012 113

Huh.  I think this was a three-part (nomenclature) card set, but I can’t remember.  Whatever it was, Max matched the pictures.

May2012 114

Oh, we LOVED this page!  Both 4 year olds had a whole lot of fun with this page from Homeschool Creations firemen pack.  You have to cut out the little pictures at bottom of the page, then glue the pictures that begin with the letter F in the boxes under the firetruck.

May2012 115 May2012 116

Alex LOVED this page, and he even had to tell Daddy all about it at dinner that night!

May2012 117

Max ‘s prewriting page…we are not yet working on the “how to” of holding a pen. 
He had an interesting grasp today!

 May2012 118 May2012 119

dot, dot, dot…

May2012 120 May2012 121

How Many

May2012 122

sorting uppercase and lowercase Fs
Contrary to what he’d have you believe, Alex did enjoy this page :)

May2012 123 May2012 125

Word Builders page ~
Max is matching the letters.  He was very patient today, and he completed the whole page!
He doesn’t know he is making words; Max is just matching letters.

May2012 124 

Count & Clip cards

May2012 126

counting, but not actually doing the page…

May2012 130

Last, but not least, the favorite part of our Tot School mornings:
playing the game of the week!

May2012 129


Anonymous said...

I so wish Sammy could come hang out for Tot School time at your house!! Looks like so much fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Bless You for your Patience!!

Wish I had not just the patience, but the COURAGE to Home School!