Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Birds Tot School

Alex is 4.5, Max is 2.5 years old.

After this, we’re caught up!  Soon I’ll be able to post what we did this week :)

A few weeks back, we did the Baby Birds freebie pack.

We are out of laminating sheets right now, and I’m holding out until I have some Swagbucks ready to cash in before I buy any more.  We changed up a few activities to work as non-laminated activities.

Max is happy about that, as it meant that Mama let him play with the “chapstick” (glue stick to the rest of the world) more than usual.  Instead of just matching the pictures and shadows, I let him GLUE the pictures on their shadows.

April2012 184April2012 195April2012 197

Do-A-Dot Markers are currently a FAVORITE around here!

 April2012 179 April2012 180

Finding the letters N and n hidden in the picture…

April2012 185

Shape Matching – Alex is getting better at drawing straight lines.  He’d prefer to wrap his loopy lines all around the page so it would take a rocket scientist to determine if he had the correct answers! :)

April2012 182April2012 183

Max is actually doing the shape matching activities really well, too!    April2012 186 Handwriting Page – finding the N and n letters, then making Ns.

April2012 187April2012 189 

Following the Path

April2012 188 

Roll & Graph

 April2012 181


April2012 190

Max tries, really tries to get the size sequencing correct.  He usually has one out of place, but he’s starting to get the hang of it.

 April2012 191

Max wanted to sort uppercase and lowecase Ns.  He did pretty well.

 April2012 192 Alex did it, too.  He definitely knows all his uppercase and lowercase letters.  (Although he gets confused with uppercase I/lowercase L at times.)

April2012 196

size matching page

April2012 193

Grace likes to take the little puzzles, fold a sheet of construction paper in half, and make a mini-book with a puzzle glued on each page.

April2012 194


Kimberly said...

My son loves to draw lines all over the paper also! I guess it is more exciting than a straight line to pair up the matches. He also likes to find unique ways to circle the correct answers. Thanks for sharing your pictures and week with us!

Anonymous said...

What a super fun week!! Love the picture of Max smiling with the size sorting!

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