Monday, May 21, 2012

Airplane Tot School

Alex is 4.5, Max is 2.5 year old.

We’ve been reusing some of our units this month.  I’ve let Alex choose which unit he’d like to do each week, and he has chosen some of his favorite themes. 

A few weeks ago, he chose Little Pilots.  This was a rather small unit, so I made some newer pages for the skills that Alex should be working on now.  I updated the pack on Teachers Notebook, so all of the new pages are available there now as a freebie

Max had fun with the shape matching page.  He really does these well – far better than I’d expect him to do!  He loves to match things!

May2012 031May2012 033 

Max really didn’t understand the count and color, but he enjoyed coloring it.

May2012 007

Alex usually does these pages quite well.  On this day, he did it correctly, but her REFUSED to color.  Instead, he did it rather sloppily with a black crayon.

May2012 008 May2012 009

The kids love the new handwriting pages!  Max just circles the A and a letters in the box, and then he scribbles on the handwriting portion of the page. 

May2012 010May2012 014

Alex can really do these pages VERY WELL if he applies himself.  Today, he really worked hard.  I think it’s because A is the first letter of his name, so he makes As quite often.  Whatever the case, both he & I were very proud of his work on this page!

May2012 011 May2012 012 May2012 013  May2012 015

Find and stamp…

May2012 016 May2012 017

Sorting and gluing…

May2012 018 May2012 019 May2012 020 May2012 021

Color By Number
(or, for Max, just plain color…)

May2012 022 May2012 023 

Circle What’s Different

May2012 025 May2012 026

Shape Matching
(We’ve FINALLY achieved lines that don’t go loop-de-loop around the whole page!)

May2012 027 

Shadow Matching

May2012 029

If they cooperate and show kindness, Grace & Alex play the game of the week at the end of our lessons. They are both learning a lot about how to count & move your game piece!

May2012 030

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