Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crazy Kids :)

There’s really no reason to give any of the pictures their own post, so here’s a random posting of our crazy, adorable kiddos this past week.

Our littlest monkey, Miss Jensyn, is getting a little…well…monkey-like! ;)

May2012 105

The big kids had the cushions off of the couch to play some sort of game.  (This latest “game” is a great incentive for Mama to clean under the couch cushions more often!) Jensyn took advantage of the missing cushions to climb right up on the couch and look out the back window.  I didn’t get a picture of it because I was lunging to pull her to safety, but Jensyn actually stood ON THE BACK of the couch.  She just loved hanging here to get a better view of the world outside.

(Why yes, Grace is in most of our family pictures.  I think we might just adopt her…if only her mom would let us! ;)  Seriously, we usually watch her two days a week, and she’s like a member of the family around here.)

May2012 103

Jensyn is also climbing stairs independently, which means we have to be super-diligent about keeping the door leading to our bonus room CLOSED.  Max isn’t always so good at that!

Jensyn will also climb up on our little indoor trampoline, sit on her bottom, and BOUNCE her little heart out.  It’s so cute!

I have no idea what Alex was doing, but he insisted I take a picture of him…May2012 134

Max.  Laundry Basket.  Bumbo.  Toy Fishing Pole.  Belt.

I can’t claim to understand WHY he was sitting in the kitchen singing songs in a laundry basket, but he was.  And it was cute.

  May2012 131 May2012 132 May2012 133

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Anonymous said...

LOL loved these!! These are the real moments in life! Love the ones of Max in the laundry basket!